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  1. Hope all is well with U and your families. This is actually my 1st official post in "The Nib" so I'm very excited. The reason why I didn't visit or post earlier is because I am a big fan of CROSS ball-point pens. I was introduced 2 ball-point pens at my job several years ago. My job prohibits (at the time) any fountain pens or roller pens because of the "smudge" it leaves on paperwork. They only "accepted" ball-point pens.

    So... since then... I have become a big fan of CROSS ball-point pens. I noticed that "The Nib" are exclusively fountain pen fans. Anyways... I am very interested in your inputs and advice in my journey in obtaining a good quality fountain pen. I am looking for something that is good quality but under $60. I already have the RADs.

    Also... I know that "The Nib" is primarily a fountain pen section but I just wanted 2 know if U like ball-point pens as well. Sorry 4 the long post but I just wanted 2 let U know a little about me on my love for pens. Are their any respected fountain pens in stores like Office Depot or Office Max? Again... I hope that U will have me and I am looking forward for your suggestions and inputs on my search for a great fountain pen. Take care and thanks for listening.

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    Welcome to the Nib. While the majority of posts here concern fountain pens, there certainly is more than enough room for all types of pens, pencils, paper and paraphernalia. So don't feel that you need to buy a fountain pen to hang around the nib. Not that hanging around this joint will do anything to curb you ADs. Take your time and read up, there is plenty of information of all sorts on this board.
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    Welcome Warhawk. As SmoovD said the Nib is for any type of utensil that spreads ink on paper. Ballpoints.... the pen a lot of us love to hate, but I always have one handy to loan to someone as a loaner or if (gasp) my FP's run out of ink. Have a fair share of Crosses roaming around the house, though T-Ball Jotters are the extra pens in my briefcase. My wife exclusively uses the Jotters.

    let's talk ballpoints if that trips your trigger !!!!!
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    Glad you have joined us in The Nib. A Cross pen and pencil set was the only thing I remember my father carrying when I was growing up. My biggest problem with them was they were too skinny for my liking. By the time they eventually started making larger sizes, I was discovering Fountain Pens. I also have a few Rollerball pens, and more recently have use the gel pens when I've needed to use a ballpoint type pen.

    As far as the smudging goes, well that can still be an issue depending on the specific combination of paper and ink, and how patient one is in letting ink dry

    I think one of the reasons many of us like to write with FPs is the ease at which the nib glides over the paper. It takes a litltle pressure to get a ball point to write, and that can be tiring to the fingers and hands after a while. The FP allows one to use no pressure! (Sound familiar!) I'm glad to see you're interested in trying it out. Unfortunately, you are not going to find much at the stores you listed. There are number of inexpensive pens that you can start with to see if you like the feel of writing with a FP. No, they won't be the same feel of a $100 pen, but it will give you a good idea. Look at the Lamy's, Pilot 78, Platinum Plaisir, and even a Preppy. I was amazed when I finally tried one out.

    Keep us posted (no pun intended) because we love to help spend other peoples money.
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    While my primary interest is fountain pens, I have and use a Cross Townsend ballpoint.
    in fact I was late for a meeting yesterday and grabbed the Cross.

    I have a couple of cheaper Cross pens around too, but I'll reach for the Townsend if I need a ballpoint.

    Oh wait, I also have 2 century models that I use in my cheque books.
    good and thin for a cheque book but too thin to write for longer periods
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  6. Well, isellpens has the brushed stainless Lamy Studios for $60 (the finished ones are just $6 more). Nice solid pen, and nib swaps are easy and cheap so you can experiment with what you like (I am a fan of italic nibs). You might try some Pelikan Brilliant Black ink- it dries rather quickly, and I have never smudged it- it goes pretty cheap, too.
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    Hey, welcome. Glad you are excited to find us here in "The Nib" where we talk about most everything that writes or can be written on!

    I got a nice chrome finish Cross ballpoint from my folks way back when I graduated from high school. I looked around online to find a picture and they still make it, I guess it's called a Classic Century. I still have it somewhere but it is a little thin for my tastes. Like Brian, I like the Parker Jotter a lot and probably lost more of those than any other pen!

    A Pilot 78G ought to get your feet wet enough to check it out and not get hurt if you don't agree with it.
  8. Welcome to the club. When looking at a first pen it is important to discuss a starting price. For me a starter pen would be in the $100-$150 range while for others it would be in the $35-$50 range. That being said, Cross makes some fine fountain pens. All of them are excellent.
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    Well, it's not worth getting fired over a Lamy Safari ... :001_rolle

    And yes, fountain pen ink is all a smudge-able liquid when it's in the pen and applied to the paper. Some inks dry faster than others ... fast inks you have to really try to get a smudge, and slow ones you practically have to put up a "wet paint" sign.

    But once the ink dries on the page ... that's when things really get different. Some inks can get washed off almost entirely with just a bit of water ... some will smudge but still be quite legible under the mess ... and some will stay perfectly unsmudged no matter how wet they get.

    Try Noodler's black, for example. Once that dries on the paper, you can leave the paper underwater overnight and not one jot of ink will have moved or smudged.
  11. I honestly believe my group's SOPs were updated because I signed some control documents will my pen was loaded with sienna ink. They tried trotting out some tired old line about industry standards . . .indelible blue or black ink, blah, blah, blah. We all know it was because they had ink envy. :biggrin1:
  12. I can attest for noodler's black eel. I had a mishap, and spilled about an ounce on my left hand. I could still see it 4 days later
  13. Well... I just took the plunge this morning and ordered my very 1st fountain pen from "". From everyones suggestions & my mini research I chose the Platinum Plaiser. I chose it because of the aluminum body (I don't like plastic bodied pens), quality, and price. I wanted the broad but they only had the fine or medium (so I chose the medium).

    I got it at a great price for $16.88 with $6.00 for S/H. I feel very comfortable on my 1st fountain pen acquisition. Thanks 4 your warm welcomes and suggestions. So... do U own a Platinum Plaiser? If so... I would love 2 hear your stories.

  14. I don't own one, but I plan on buying one (green)
  15. Hi oc_in_fw: I purchased the black one. I cannot wait 2 give the Platinum Plaiser a test drive.


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