Cuba Red = Creed Vintage Tabarome?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by rossco...., Nov 5, 2008.

  1. I was out doing some early x-mas shopping today and compared these two scents (at the suggestion of the store owner). To my uneducated sniffer they were a pretty close match (aside from price)!

    Anyone else notice this?
  2. yes, but to me the Tabarome has a bit more leather in it.
  3. Cuba Red?
    as in $5 Cuba Red?
  4. Yup, it's cheap but there's definately a strong similarity. Not quite so much leather but it's pretty close. Try it and see....
  5. Well I have not tried either, but I am surprised that Vintage tabarome can have a substitute that cheap. If I remember correctly, the consensus at basenotes is that VT is the tobacco king.
  6. I'm not saying that it's a dead ringer, just a pretty convincing knock off. There is A LOT of tobacco in the Cuba Red.... and it's 2% the cost of the Tabarome.
  7. I'll give it a shot. Where does one get the Cuba in the real world?
  8. It's pretty readily available, most fragrance stores will have it. Also, they're dirt cheap on ebay.
  9. I'm seeing it for as little as $10-15 bucks on Ebay.
  10. it seems that there is more than one version of this fragrance
    made by different companies
    which one are we talking about????
  11. It comes in a bottle shaped like a cigar. It's pretty unique so if you've got that bottle you've got the right thing.
  12. Anybody managed to make a comparison on this yet?
  13. I havo to state that I am not a big tobacco fan. I also have to say that I have never smelled Creed Tabarome, nor do I plan to do it in the close future.
    However, Cuba is a pretty darn descent tobacco. I received it today and I feel like it is quite clean and not overpowering. Actually, I feel like it is a bit watery, but I guess that if you apply enough you will get a fuller effect. I would definitely recommend it. It is only 4 dolars! :w00t:

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