completed my first DE shave just now.

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  1. Well I just completed my first DE shave and I am pleased. I have gotten the bug pretty bad having bought a razor from another member then picking up 2 more before I even knew what happend. ( I think I will pass one onto my best friend so he can start his journey) Anyway back to the shave. I used an Edwin Jagger DE86 ebony ( just couldn't pass it up it looks and feels awesome.) For my cream I went with TOBS Sandlewood (test size) blade was a Derby and my brush and bowl were walmart cheap premium set. I decided to start this one the right way with a nice hot shower during which the bowl and brush were soaking in hot water. After I got out I built my later, I need work on this as I just couldn't get it to build right it wouldn't froth up more then to cover the brush so I added a little water, still no joy so I tried more cream and it was better but not great. Next I lathered up and did a with the grain pass without any issues, same for against the grain. Then I got greedy and went across the grain didn't do bad but did get one weeper on my neck and nicked a birthmark that I often hit even with my old cartridge razor. All in all not to bad not BBS but I didn't expect that on the first run, what I did get was ptobably my smoothest shave ever. Thanks for all the great info guys.
  2. Congratulations on that great first shave.
  3. Very nice, and good for you. Congrats on that shave.
  4. Welcome to B&B! Good for you getting a nice first DE shave!
  5. Welcome to the brotherhood! Sounds like a very successful first shave. Wishing you many more!
  6. Oh there will most definitely be many more my job requires I shave daily lol. I can see how easy its going to be to spend money though there is already so much stuff on my list of wants.
  7. Hi and welcome. I have the buy bug too.
  8. Congrats and welcome to B&B.
  9. Cool. Good luck with future shaves.
  10. Congrats. After a short while, quality shaves will become second nature to you.

    That's quite a razor you have, that Jagger D86 Ebony. You will marvel at how quickly it becomes your friend, yielding up better and better shaves as time goes on.

    As for your lather, just keep adding a little more cream now and then until the stuff whips up and peaks like meringue. You'll get there soon enough; in the meantime, a few practice bowls may help.


  11. Congrats, and Welcome Aboard!
  12. Careful with those bugs. Finding a cure for them is difficult. Thankfully you have found a forum where we face this sickness as more of an enjoyable, on-going addiction.
  13. yup, shaving has become one of my most expensive hobbies. I got into it because I didn't want to spend money on carts but now that I found how to really shave I invest my money into what I enjoy
  14. Glad it went well, BBS comes quickly with patience and enjoyment of the process.
  15. Welcome to B&B!
  16. Congrats and welcome the world of wet-shaving, as well as B&B.
  17. Congrats!

    You are now an Official DE Shaver with all the accolades and entitlements forthwith ...:smartass:
  18. Congrats on your 1st DE shave. Welcome 2 B&B. Enjoy your DE journey.

  19. Awesome! Glad your first DE shave was enjoyable! Nice razor, and that's one of my favorite creams ;). Welcome aboard!
  20. Welcome aboard.

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