Coconut oil as a pre shave?

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  1. Has anyone used this as a pre shave? I have actually shaved with it when I was using carts. It works fairly well.
  2. make sure it is labeled virgin coconut oil or it can be pore clogging. Only those labeled virgin for coconut oil are ok.

    I use grapeseed oil or jojoba oil, both are great and neither one is comedogenic
  3. I use Almond Oil from Weleda ( Extraordinary).. and Argan Oil ( sempre Vivo, spain). Both are amazing and almost scent free.
    Coconut oil is pretty nice, but should be virgin
  4. I used to use coconut oil as a pre-shave and as a shave oil. It worked great.
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    In my experience other oils are better for the task.
  6. If you want to use an oil I highly recommend "Shave Secret" easily found at Wal Mart for less than 5 dollars. 3 drops is all you need. This stuff changed my shaves dramatically for the better...
  7. I have just started using grapeseed oil as a pre shave. I am also using it after and before bed. Although its a little early to be sure, so far I have had excellent results.

    Also, it tastes good.
  8. Everybody is going organic now Joe.

  9. Plus a giant bottle of grapeseed oil is only $3.49, it will last a very, very long time
  10. +1 on the above-mentioned alternative oils. I do my own mix--including castor oil, essential oils, and a bit of lanolin and glycerin--which I use as my aftershave. Even if I use a drying soap like Williams, my skin ends up being moisturized and soft.
  11. Thanks for the responses guys.

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