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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by HogwildUSMC, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Was looking online and ran across clubman lime.. Anyone use it what are your thoughts? I also saw that it was listed as a cologne is this right or is it also an aftershave.. Thanks
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    If you're talking about Pinauld Lime Sec, its great, I used it today.
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    There are two kinds of lime that I can think of. The first, Lime Sec, smells kind of like lime candy. It's OK, but a little too sweet for me. The second, Citrus Musk, is excellent. it has a kind of limey smell at first, then dries down to a smell kind of like clean laundry. Like all of Pinaud stuff, it's sort of in the zone between aftershave and cologne. I use all of the Pinauds like an aftershave, then skip the cologne.
  4. The Pinaud Lime Sec is great smelling but doesn't last more than a couple hours on me, YMMV. I've also found that when mixed 50/50 with Ivy Old Spice (generic) makes a great Old Spice Lime. I mix it up in a small atomizer I got at WalMart. Great Stuff!!!
  5. Wahoo! Thank you for the inspiration! Gonna have to try this.
  6. I used it today as well and like it very much.
  7. 12oz of it goes a LONNNGG way (in years)

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