Closest Modern Razor to a Fatboy?

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  1. I like vintage Gillette razors, but I enjoy new ones as well. I'm intrigued by the Fatboy, and many folks on B&B certainly seem to love them. I'll probably get one at some point, but my eye for picking out the good deals on the auction site is not always the best - that is I tend to overpay for what turns out to be not so great a find. For that reason, I think I'd like to buy new.

    Knowing that many of the new designs tend to borrow heavily from the classics, I'm sure there are some modern razors that attempt to mimic the Fatboy - what would be the best of the lot of such razors?
  2. Merkur Progress
  3. Between the only three choices, (Progress, Vision and Futur) I think the only answer would be Progress. However, that's somewhat akin to asking "Which is the most like a 1962 Ferrari 250LM? A Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic or Ford Mustang?" Well, I'd have to say Mustang, but that doesn't mean it's much like the Ferrari. :)
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    +1 on the Progress/Megress/Digress or whatever flavor of Merkur's current adjustable you have
  5. +2 Progress
  6. Haha, yes I understand. I know new gear is not the same as the classics. Still, some of the modern razors are not without their charms.
  7. Fatboy has no equal. All of the modern adjustables (not sure the Progress is modern though) don't compare.
  8. The Progress predates the Fatboy in terms of design and is entirely different. Would agree with dreadpirate that the Fatboy has no equal. But all the Merkur adjustable products are better razors from a design standpoint. Of course, IMO, and many speak of the Fatboy in mystical and iconic terms. It is a fine razor but only a 9 position tool versus say a Progress that adjusts at 10 for starters and 4 or 5 settings between each number and dot. Now it is not that we can discern each adjustment point but you can dial in a point on the adjustment band that totally fits your face. That might be 3.587 or 4.267 if you could measure it. Something the Fatboy can't do with its click positions. The Fatboy is probably easier to change a blade with its TTO method and is sturdy. Because the Fatboy is nickel or gold plated brass it is better manufactured than the Merkur products executed in Zamak. But in terms of design the Merkur adjustables are all over the Fatboy.
  9. My G1 Fatboy delivers a good shave at the #9 setting, but IMO my Mergress is the better razor on the #3 setting.
  10. I haven't ben able to find that answer yet. Looks like futur and progress is the only options if you want to go adjustable. But I could be wrong, still very new at this.
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  11. Nothing wrong with Merkur (I have a slant HD and love it). But If you want my recommendation of which Merkur adjustable to get, it would be the Futur, and I don't think it is anything like the Fatboy (or the slim).

    My brother has a Vision; too big and complicated. He never uses it and I can see why.

    Progress is a fine razor, not my cup of tea though.

    I would urge you to try a Merkur slant if you have not. Very smooth, very close.
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    In all honesty, there is just one choice.
  13. You gonna leave me in suspense?
  14. A genuine Fatboy is the Holy Grail of DE razors for a reason.

    Don't waste your money on current production junk.
  15. +1
  16. Fboy and Progress both deliver excellent shaves. You need both. You could also split the age difference with a Super Adjustable.
  17. I thought about a Super Adjustable. I think I like a bit meatier handle. I've got a birth quarter Super Speed, but I'm not crazy about the handle on it, and I assume the SA would be about the same.

    Sounds like the standard B&B enablement answer of just get both, may apply here. I'll just have to decide which to get first. That, and I'll have to improve my B/S/T reflexes - usually any Fat Boys posted there are sold before I ever see the listing!
  18. Yup. A 1934 Aristocrat. The Fatboy is a 1957 Chevy, but the 1934 Aristocrat is a Bugatti Royale and both are adjustable, if not in the same way.
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    He wants a modern razor equivalency though, not vintages.He wants to buy new.

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