Circuit board scales!

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  1. Hey everyone! I've been assembling electronics for a family friend recently and yesterday he gave me some defective circuit boards because I'm a geek and he knew I would love them.


    They are incredibly strong except that they have been scored to be broken into 1.5 inch pieces. So I decided to laminate two circuit boards together with some epoxy and then cut it down to shape and make some scales!


    Here are some pictures that show the detail of the boards:



    I'll keep you posted!
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  2. Very cool
  3. I was thinking about that a few months ago and didn't follow through (one of my many other hobbies is electronics). I was worried that the process of trimming them down would lift the copper pads in places. Be sure to update us - looks very interesting.
  4. what do you think would be best to trim it with? a dremel? utility knife? etc...
  5. I always scored my homemade boards with a utility knife, then broke them on the score lines. Then you can lightly sand the edges to get a more rounded profile if thats the look you are going for. And a thin coat of spray poly will keep them looking new and corrosion free.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I'm just nervous because it's two boards thick and it's reinforced with epoxy. I think I might try a router bit on a dremel. Thoughts?
  7. That should be fine provided you go slowly, and if using a dremel or other power tool to do the trick, a mask and some glasses are a must. A faceful of fiberglass particles is less than pleasant. Another option would be to cut out two profiles from some of your single boards, then sandwich them together after the fact. Either way should be fine though.

    EDIT: I see from your pics that the boards are epoxied side by side, not stacked to make them thicker. Just go slowly with them, and the dremel might be easier than the scoring method. Or, if you have access to a large set of shears (think art room style), those are also very handy for chopping boards down.
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  8. That is too cool. I would absolutely LOVE a razor with scales like that!
  9. Really cool idea!
    I saw a razor with circuit board scales for sale somewhere, thinking it was Etsy. They were the solid green boards and they looked pretty good, I think your material is a lot neater looking and should be more interesting if you can finish it.
  10. I think sometime ago I even saw one in which the scales were made of some scrap motherboard or similar - it still had some SMD components soldered :)

    On the other hand, if you have the UV light and photoresist varnish you can actually buy some pcb board and transfer whatever design you want into it, then etch them - you would end up with your custom drawing in copper on top of a fiberglass scale - hmmm...ideas...

    Also, like OCD said above, be sure to give the copper side a coat of varnish so that it won't oxidize - clean it up first with some light metal polish, then wipe it with some alcohol taking care not to touch the copper with your bare fingers then varnish.
  11. For the true geek, you could design the scales from copper clad board and then etch a circuit into it, install a PIC chip and a couple of components and have a functioning circuit. Flashing lights, beepers, vibrators, IR proximity detectors, voice warning... uh... never mind... my geekiness got out of hand...
  12. Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step away from the geekiness. :a45:


    Nice idea! Should look pretty sweet when done!
  13. hokahay

    hokahay Contributor

    Get a real circuit board with a gyro and an accelerometer and make it so can record the shave. then be able to play the shave back and critique same. Maybe it could be incorporated into teh vibrating nite lite kamasori!
  14. USB Stick in the Wedge
  15. Haha! you guys are just as bad as me!

    so here are some updates:

    1. It is actually two boards side by side and stacked on top of one another (a total of 4 boards per scale).

    2. I just tried cutting it with a pair of tinsnips that I have lying around and they cut through it without a problem.

    3. Immediately thereafter, I realized I don't have a razor to make scales for. Tomorrow I am going to a few antique stores to try and find a suitable razor.

  16. OK... you can be a member of the fraternal order of geeks, now. Only a true geek would focus on the minor issue only to find out the major one was completely absent. Too funny.
  17. I may have one if you end up doing them for other people! ;)
  18. yeah, I felt like a real genius after that one... "okay now I just have to trace the profile and I can start cutting... wait a second!"
  19. Might be a good project for a GD. Take some junk circuit boards & a junk razor & make a treasure!
  20. There is no such thing as geekiness getting out of hand lol. I'm thinking a custom etched design, including a smd pic, an accelerometer, and an rgb led could be a really handy way to get quick visual feedback on blade angle in relation to ones face... Obviously it wouldnt be a 100% accurate measurement, but it could at least be a rough guideline. And what could be cooler than a razor that glows red when you are about to bleed?

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