Cheap strop or good strop?

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  1. I've read a bit here and there about strops, building up to buying one. Would a beginner like me be best to buy a cheap strop knowing that I don't have the experience in caring for it yet or should I buy a good strop to get the best out of my blade? Does it really matter that much?
  2. Stropping does matter, a lot, you will need a good strop for your razor. The chances of nicking or cutting your first strop are high, i did, i bought a real cheap strop from a local barber, i cut and nicked it, but it gave me good practise, though i have to say, the strop was useless, but when i upgraded i had the basics of stropping, though still nicked it. i dont think if i was starting off again i would buy a expensive strop to start out with, though if you search on here, there are loads of decent strops for not much money.
  3. cheap!
  4. Legion

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    You will mess up you first strop. We all did. Get a good, but cheaper one. And start saving now for something more expensive.
  5. Another vote for cheap. I just started and have been very careful stropping more to avoid damaging the edge than anything. That said, I've already nicked the strop up in a couple of spots and imagine it will happen again until I have the hang of it. I bought a "poor man's strop" kit from Whipped Dog Straights and think it was a good way to go.
  6. The general consensus seems to be cheap.

    Al raz.
  7. maxman

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    +1. This is the best advice. It's not a matter of IF you will nick it, it's a matter of WHEN.
  8. Legion

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    It should also be noted, you can get good strops that are cheap. You just won't be getting fancy materials and fittings. But that doesn't mean it won't do the job well.
  9. A cheap strop does exactly the same thing as an expensive one.
    Just the same way a $30 vintage beater will shave you as good as any $500 NOS razor.

    And your first strop will most likely be badly nicked, so save your money for your second strop.
  10. Cheap wins again in my book too. A cheap strop from one of the low cost option makers here will do just fine. Do avoid the really cheap imports though often found on ebay. They tend to be roch hard with no draw and are far smaller than they appear in the listing. the same money will get you a low dollar strop from a decent maker.

  11. cheap vote here, your first strop is going to make a great tug of war toy with the dog before you know it.

  12. Kentos

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    As was mentioned get a cheap one to learn on, but get a nicer one when you get your stroke down. Best advice you'll get.
  13. nortac

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    The default answer is get the Poor Man's strop from Whippeddog. Just as I thought I was getting my stropping technique down, I nicked it twice in the same session! Minor nicks though. Can double as a travel strop as well, so it's not wasted money if you don't destroy it, or even if you do.
  14. Cheap. $20-$30 so you don't cry WHEN you nick it. You will nick it. .

  15. Thanks for the advice everyone! Cheap (but good) strop it is!
  16. Cheap for sure, but in a couple weeks you will have your stropping down and will lust for a better one. For a really good , but relatively inexpensive strop I recommend the Illinois 827.
    You'll be blown away when you realize how much stropping means for your razors sharpness.

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