Cartier Essence de Bois

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  1. I like the "Bois"'; Creed, 1820, and my wife just bought me the Cartier. I have or had Santos, Pasha, Roadster, and Must de Cartier. This one was different; floral start and a woods dry down. It has ambergris which I really like as a base. Anyway, my wife's friend at the dept store has in stocked in Men's. Basenotes says it's feminine, and I've seen it described as unisex elsewhere. (This was all after I started wearing it). This stuff smells great on the dry down. Anybody familar with this one? Am I wearing perfume? Do I care? It brings up an interesting topic. I know frag styles change. We know about Old Spice but are there women's frags vintage or otherwise that any of you guys wear? The only one I remember is a green bottle of Bulgari that my wife and I shared. Wish I could recall the name. Thanks!
  2. As so far as Cartier's fragrance is concerned - I'm unfamiliar with it but Fragrantica lists it as unisex.

    For your other question, there are a couple of fragrances that are classified as feminine but I would NOT consider them to be.
    Sycomore is supposedly a women's scent, but it sure smells masculine (and incredible) to my nose. The fact that it's marketed as a women's frag won't stop me wearing it.
    A lot of people here will tell you that if you like a fragrance (and it doesn't smell entirely too feminine) that you should just wear it. Lots of guys here rave about the original Jicky, and that's supposedly a women's frag too.

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