Cancun Mexico 10th of July 2012

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  1. I'll stay 2 weeks with family and have the time to talk about our hobbie över a beer or two.
    Also, can I buy great products in Cancun?
  2. I live close to cancun, and i can tell you that if you like Watches or Cigars this is the place. But wet shaving related products are none. BTW i could go if we make an interesting group 5-10 people.

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  3. Cancun is a great place to vacation, but outside of overpriced trinkets there's not much worth purchasing.
    If you want silver and local crafts, rent a car and drive out to the countryside (or even Tulum if you have the time), there'll be much better deals for you.

    In fact, you should rent a car anyways and go see the ruins. Your resort will sell your tour-packages, but you'll spend as much time as the driver's brother's road-side store getting hustled as you will seeing the sites.
  4. You can find Brazilian Made Gillette Thin razor blades. They come in a red package. Those are hard to come by in the states and are very sharp and smooth.
  5. Thank you!

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