Can someone tell me anything about this razor?

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  1. Went to an estate sale today and picked up 3 straights and a 2001 Borsalino Alessandria (size 7 in great shape that will go on the sale block--couldn't see this nice hat sitting there, but unfortunately it doesn't fit :mad3: ). Anyway I picked up a mint Wester De-Fi and a very nice near mint American Products Hand Made plus this one. Can't find anything about it. It's a near wedge and weighs about twice as much as the other two combined. Scales are broken, but the blade is is fine shape.

    Sorry for the lousy pics. I'm awaiting some more sensor swabs for my DSLR.

    $P1010988.jpg $P1010991.jpg
  2. This is a guesstimate - you really need Greybeard to weigh in. He will know all about it without looking anything up.

    Here goes: the tang is shorter which I believe indicates older; little hone wear so a good buy; the tang is inscribed with what to my ear sounds Irish. Not to quibble but I have several wedges and a near wedge, this one looks to have more hollow than mine do. Big guess here at 1890’s or so.
  3. You're probably right about the grind. I'm new to this, so fairly clueless. Here's a pic for reference though. No idea about the age, but the sale was for a father and son who were Dr.'s. Senior was in WWI and Jr. was in WWII. A fair bit of war memorabilia.

  4. No one?

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