Can I remelt soap?

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  1. I got a bunch of samples from Mama Bear, which by the way smell awesome. I opened the mail box and could smell it, not kidding. The rose soap smells like you have your nose in a flower, not kidding the best rose I have ever smelled. Anyway, the samples are in a little wedge shape, not the best for lathering.

    Can I melt the wedge into a mug and use? Microwave or boiler?

  2. I haven't done it butfrom what I understand, you can melt glycerin soaps in the microwave (short bursts) with no I'll effect
  3. Mama Bear's? Yep, it's meltable. Just stick it in a microwave-safe container and nuke it in short bursts. It's worth noting, however, that you can't you this to all soaps, just the glycerin melt & pour ones like Mama Bear and VDH Glycerin.
  4. That's what I needed to hear! Thanks
  5. No problem! I'm glad I could help. :001_smile
  6. This is off the topic but I tried to melt my williams once, and it was bad. Very very bad. Do not ever try to melt a tallow soap. Just in case you were ever going to.
  7. You can melt glycerine soaps, but not tallow soaps (such as williams). I have read that people have luck grating these (like a cheese) and then pressing it into a new shape.
  8. I have done this with a couple of tallow soaps and it does work very well.
  9. Conlonel Conk. . .would those glycerin soaps apply too?
  10. Yes.
  11. i did it to vdh select which i believe is not a glycerin and it worked great.
  12. I've melted HBS and TGQ glycerine soaps into a glass container by sitting the container in a saucepan on the stove burner. It takes longer than the microwave, but you don't get any boilover either.
  13. Candlewarmer.
  14. I put the sample in my mug and nuked it for 20s at a time until melted, then set in a sink of water to help cool. Worked great, will get two shaves from the sample.

    Loved the spicey lime by the way.

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