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  1. 06:30 this AM, radio on in the bathroom listening to the traffic report. Arko applied, a lovely lather created and I am in the shave zone. This is my quiet time before I have to face the daily commute across London and I am relaxed, just about to apply razor to stubble when my 12 YO daughter creeps silently into the bathroom like a pink clad ninja and shouts


    Have you ever tried to get into a foetal position standing on just one leg whilst holding a very sharp thing a gnats chuff away from your cheek? I can tell you it was neither easy, nor elegant, possibly reminiscent of a weird martial art form called crouching hippo. How I managed not to slice my cheek open I will never know, and I was so relieved not to be bleeding I couldn't even get angry.

    This can't be an isolated experience, how many of us have almost opened an artery by being frightened by our children or pets, and did you take revenge?
  2. I wake up prior to my kids and this is a good reason to continue that habit!
  3. Ah, reminds me of my old man's last words. I was just a kid. I remember him yelling, "Put that gun down! It's lo!"
  4. ME ME ME!!! I have a small German Weimaraner, he is about 36" (.92 m) at the base of his neck, weighes around 100lbs (45.5 KG). He was asleep (I thought) on the floor to my left as I shaved. The door is to my right. Our cat came strolling by the door, arched her back, and rubbed the doorframe. Tucker decided it was a great time for a game of chase the cat. The only problem was I was between them. With a razor in my hand. And thought he was asleep until he leapt from a prostrate postition, exploded past me, barking at the top of his substantial lungs. After my pulse slowed and I managed to finish my shave, I found them asleep beside each other in the den, tired of chase the cat.
  5. Oh, that ain't right!

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