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  1. Anyone here tried this yet. New offering from Chanel for men.

    I've given it a small test wear and have read a bit about it. Have a 50ml bottle as a gift on the way.

    Some think it's a Chanel "sell out" to the Axe and aqua scents crowd. Others seem to think it's worthwhile. Not a conventional "wet shaver" vibe.

    I liked the small test. A more "modern" scent than one might expect from Chanel with a sort of aqua/woodsy feel. Consenus is quality juice, like it or not.

    I think it will fill a niche in my collection. A Chanel take on a night time AdG is the way one put it. My gut tells me women will like it on men. Slight issue I have with it is that is likely selling like hotcakes with the marketing muscle of Chanel behind it. Prominently featured most places that sell men's frags.

    Designed by perfume superstar Jacques Polge. (Allure, Antaeus, Coco, Egoiste, Tiffany for Men)

    The fragrance features labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper. I've also seen a reference to "deep sea note" or some such- whatever that is.
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  2. joshmpdx

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    after a single wear, it certainly wasn't for me. however, i'll most definitely be interested in your thoughts.
  3. After sniffing it, wearing it at home, IMHO it is a perfume absolutely banal, a perfume without character. I do not intend to buy it.
    What is happening with Mr. Jacques Polge to create a perfume like BLEU DE CHANEL ?
  4. While I can understand how one would be disappointed with the general direction of Bleu de Chanel, I think most of the dismissals of it are pretty unfair. Yes, it is rather mainstream and it is a departure from the typical Chanel scents (which I'm really not all that familiar with). However, I think it is very nice, and is simply much more complex and "well built" than all of the other fresh aquatic scents it is being compared to.

    The main factor that I see keeping me from buying a bottle is the fear that it will be incredibly popular. And more power to Chanel for that, I just know that it would kill the scent for me if it became the next Acqua di Gio, which it very well may...especially here in cologne-loving Germany where everyone walks around wearing 12 sprays of the latest and greatest juice-du-jour.

  5. I posted here a day or two before it's release.

    Although I'm a cologne newbie, I was very unimpressed. It smells so generic. Like everything else. It has no character. It bored me to death.

    A day later I tried C&S 88 for the first time. Wow!!!

    It's interesting that as a newbie I was not impressed, and you, who has probably tried hundreds of colognes (or more), liked it.

    YMMV :001_smile
  6. +1 I tried this at Nordstroms last night and agree completely. It's a very well done aquatic scent and much more complex than the mainstream juice we all love to hate. I really picked up on the vetiver notes in Blue and my girlfriend was giddy over the scent after just a few minutes standing next to me :thumbup1:
  7. I've got room for a scent like that.
  8. Tried it and thought the topnote was alright...but the drydown is really really boring and generic. It's like a worse, barely spicier version of Allure Cologne Sport / Allure Blanche great cap and bottle though! lol
  9. djh

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    I will definitely try it at some point and the fact that it will spread like wildfire with Chanel muscle behind it doesn't bother me at all. Sounds like an interesting spectrum of notes.
  10. The Nid Hog

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    You guys are both right on with this. I tried it this afternoon when I was doing some duty free shopping. My first thought was, "Aha--this is what AdG would smell like if it was a Chanel frag." The drydown also seems like the generic remnants of something that says Chanel, but says so self-consciously.

    The bottle is very well done. Paired with the after shave, they would look very nice on your counter.

    To be perfectly honest, if this was what I wanted, I'd just buy AdG and be done with it. It does a better job of smelling like itself than this strange Chanel foray into coastal waters.
  11. I tried a sample Friday at Saks and again on Saturday at Nieman Marcus. Both times I was left with the same impression: a rather mainstream style top-note without any real hook on the dry down. It left me very underwhelmed, as it did with my wife...

    She wears Chanel almost exclusively, and was not excited by this scent for men. I won't be buying it...
  12. Tried it a couple weeks ago at Nordstroms and thought it was nothing special.
  13. I'd just echo what others have said.

    It's without a soul, no character and is a questionable imitation of it's older sibling, Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche. They exhibit the same creamy, lemony, woody notes.
  14. Chanel makes abstract scents - poking around for specific notes is usually a futile endeavor when dealing with the biggest contemporary and classic Chanels.


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