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  1. I am about out of blades so I need some sugestions for new ones. What I have been using are Merkurs that I got from Classic shaving when I got my DE back in june. Every one seems to think the merkur's are not good blades so sugestions on blades that are good?

    I've had mostly DFS with the merkurs
  2. 7 o' clock yellow!!
  3. Red Pack Personnas and Israeli Crystals from West Coast Shaving are great blades at a very reasonable price. The Derby's are good too. And of course, there are the Feather blades. Even after more than 12 hours, I am still very, very presentable. I have less stubble now, than I used to have 3 hours after shaving with an electric or a multiblade.
  4. Blades to try:

    Derby ($, forgiving, fairly sharp)
    Crystal ($, forgiving, fairly sharp/smooth)
    Dorco ST-301 ($, forgiving, fairly sharp/smooth) -- don't confuse with the 300 which is rubbish
    Gillette 7 o'clock ($$, sharper, smoother, last longer)
    Gillette Swede ($$$, sharper, smoother, last longer)
    Feather ($$, sharpest, not so smooth, don't last) sells samplers.

    Best of luck.

  5. Derby's (everyone seems to love em, I dont.)
    Bic's (these act on my face, what everyone else swears Derby's should.)
    Gillette Swedes (my fave so far)
    Fethers (very sharp, everyone loves em, I just dont know yet)

    Dridiot on here and the bay offers samplers you should try.
    West Coast shaving offers a different sampler pack too.
  6. I second that :thumbup:
  7. I'm a big fan of Derby Extra blades. I seldom use anything else and get a great shave every day.
  8. It really depends on your own razor and face. One blade may act completely different in one razor than another, and the experience will be different for each person...

    In my own personal experience, my preferred blade is a feather in a Merkur HD.... but I don't like them as much in a Futur. I love the generic, cheap CVS blades in a Futur, but they are all but useless in an HD or a parker.

    Again, this is my own personal experience. The best way to go is to buy the sampler pack from West Coast, and experiment with different razors. In the end it won't really matter though.... As soon as all of the AD's kick in, you'll have just about every combination imaginable. :biggrin:
  9. I started out with crappy US Personnas. However, I have used the following Derbys *cheap and forgiving but only last 3 good shaves*, Astra Superior Platinum *sharper then Derbys, Smoother and gets 5 shaves*, Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge *sharper and smoother then Astras and derbys and I am noticing 5 - 7 Shaves*, Feathers *sharpest blade I have used but the feather I had used only got 3 - 4 good shaves before it was unusable*.. Now for the price, I paid off ebay 14.5 cents per derby *bought a 100 pack*, Astras were 20 cents per blade shipped for a 100 pack from a member here, Gillettes 7 O'Clock SharpEdge * about 63 cents from a member here to test them but they are running roughly 30 - 50 cents per blade* and feathers *I bought 250 today from a member here for 25 cents a blade but I have seen them as high as 75 cents per blade and on ebay as low as 38 cents a blade*... I really like the feathers, Gillette SharpEdge, Astras and Derbys in that order!
  10. I would highly recommend trying the Crystal blades, they seem to be quite sharp, shave very smooth and are priced great! These are my go to blades these days.

  11. I'm currently working through a sampler pack of blades from westcoast. They are cheap and you can match the best blade to your face.
  12. +1 Crystals are my favorites so far.
  13. I've had great success with Derby, Wilkinson and even Wal-Mart Personnas. However, the Feather blades are on a whole other level than them. I find most blades give a little tugging on the first shave, as the edge smoothes out and then the 2nd and 3rd shaves are great. With Feathers, there is no first-shave tugging whatsoever, just smooth effective cutting from the start. If only they weren't so expensive! :smile:
  14. I use Feathers 99% of the time. I started out with Derby's. I've tried Merkurs. I hate Merkurs. To me they aren't any better than taking a blade from a mach 3 and using it to shave.

    Derby's are nice, smooth and pretty sharp.

    Feathers are my favorite though, because they are always, always sharp. They don't last but I can actually get 5 shaves out of them. You can buy them in bulk for about $0.50 per blade, which isn't toooo bad. I think they're worth it.

    I actually ordered some new blades a couple of days ago. Some Israeli personnas red pack, and some swedish g's. I'm excited to try them.
  15. I received a Merkur blade with my 38c and it was ok but nothing even close to the Personna that i tried for the first time last night. Wow!!
    The shave i received was THE closest I have ever had in my life. It has been 11 hours since I shaved and it is still smooth. And i grow a heavy beard too. So I will have fun trying out different blades as time progresses. But so far the Personnas are a delight!

  16. From my experience with Merkurs...get hold of a couple of aluminum beer cans, rip them in half and drag these across your face!

    BOY are you about to be surprised by how REALLY NICE a shave can be with a decent blade. Get a sample pack from West Coast Shaving!
  17. Your skin and beard are telling you the truth, not a majority on this or any other board. Like I stated on another thread; one man's heaven can be another man's hell. When you like the merkurs they are good, for you !

    +1! You should get yourself a sampler pack. This is really the only way to go since blades are so personal any advice is totally useless.
  18. I think opinions on this subject are useless. I like Merkurs, get a great shave with them. Just about as good but cheaper, Dorco 300's. Based on what I read on this board I bought some Derbys. Tried two, judged them to be total crap and threw the rest away. See what I mean? You just have to try a variety and make your own judgement.
  19. Other than that, how do you like them? :lol: :biggrin:

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