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  1. Well, my first straight razor finally arrived today and it's looks great. It's a TI flying tudor rose as I had talked about in a previous thread. Everything looks great on this thing except for the blade is not centered and brushes up against the scales upon closing. I don't know what to do, can this be fixed? Thanks in advance!

    $IMG_0158.jpg $IMG_0159.jpg
  2. Is this a razor you just purchased new? If so I would contact the vendor, explain and send pics. They should be willing to exchange it.
  3. It came from ebay, they are discontinued.

    I will have to look into this repining thing. Thanks.
  4. Contact someone that rescales to see about it. They will probably be able to help. Maybe post this in the restoration section? You could always rescale it, that is unless you are partial to these scales.
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    Is that horn? Natural materials tend to be harder to keep stable. I would wait to see if it stabilizes.

    You can also massage the blade to center sometimes by judicious peen tapping and scale flexing, but it takes some experience. Do you have a beater to practice on?
  6. check the blade, is it loose, re-pin the pivot pin and add brass sleeve ------ maybe heat the scales in hot water--------personally i would rescale it, if the razor is nice
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  7. Yeah, they are horn. I can order another set of scales from TI, since they still sell them but I don't want to have to sink another $100 into a $250 razor that was supposedly shave ready. That being said, I think this razor is beautiful and don't know how long it would take to find another one, so I intend to keep it. Even at $350 I think the razor is worth it.

    I am an engineer and can work on just about anything, but I don't think this is the right razor to learn how to rescale or repeen.

    I contacted Larry at whipped dog and he put me in contact with a gentleman named Mike that can hopefully help.

    The blade is tight.
  8. if you like it it is the right razor , not a big thing to re-pin or rescale
    you can get horn blanks for 10.00 at Jantz knife supply

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