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  1. I'm thinking of upgrading the crankset on my bike from the OEM to something a little better--the last straw was when the chain came off during a fast ride this past Saturday. I have an FSA Gossamer crankset with Shimano components. It's for a road/tri bike, so weight is a consideration. Cost is also.

    After multiple google searches, I'm still at a loss as to what I should look for and what I need to avoid. Does anyone know of any resources I should check out?


  2. Change your crankset if you like, but unless your sprockets are worn down to tiny nubs, it's more likely your derailleur causing your chain to fall off. Have you had it tuned lately?

    One thing for sure is that if you want light weight components, they are going to cost more. What is your price range?
  3. I had the bike tuned in March or April and then adjusted a few days ago. I'm not even sure of a reasonable price range. Based on the limited information I could find, I was thinking up to around $500.
  4. Well, I could list out some brands that you probably already know, and show you some places to buy them, but I don't want to recommend anything that's not going to solve the problem for sure. I think you should take your bike in to a good local shop, show them your problems, and have them help you. There's nothing worse than having things break that the local shop doesn't sell. They may or may not be able to get parts if they don't carry the brand.
  5. Thanks.

    If it is the crankset, should I look at brands other than the usual (Shimano, SRAM)?
  6. I like Campagnolo.
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    I had an issue with a Look 496 tri bike years back where I would always have issues from going up from the smaller ring to the big ring. I did first thing that would be the cause of this and that's to check the chain. Chains stretch and wear down quick, especially Shimano 105 and even Ultegra's. Splurge and get a DA chain they are made to higher specification. But my problem was nothing mechanical it was the back where the front derailer mounts, it was crooked. Probably a bad mold since it was carbon fiber but crooked non the less. See the angle and make sure it is in line with the the seat tube. That will always drop the chain.

    Check those out and let us know how it goes.
    Campys are awesome but you're going to have to change your drive train and they are really expensive and honestly a solid DA set up is almost as good....ALMOST:biggrin1:
  8. Thanks, again. I'm playing hooky Thursday afternoon and set up an appointment at a local bike shop.

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