Best shave in 53 years!

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Paul_the_Shaver, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Today I had my best shave in 53 years and I don't even know the model. I used a new Personna Stainless blade with a light lather from Williams soap. This was my first open comb shave and it was smooth and fast.

    This is in sharp contrast to my rather disappointing shave yesterday with a 1957 Superspeed, also with a new Personna blade. It left six nicks and some stubble along my jaw line. It's rare that I get a nick with a safety razor. My wife said I had some small red splotches on my cheeks, too, but I couldn't see them. This was the first time I tried this particular Superspeed but I've had others I liked and in fact my first razor in 1954 was a Superspeed (although I paid no attention to the name at the time).

    So which razor did I use today? No date code.

  2. LOOKS looks like a gillette NEW circa 1930

    great shavers
  3. It's kind of a hybrid. The business end, which is what you want to know about, it indeed a NEW from the 30s or so. Which is indeed a fantastic razor. The handle is a Tech handle from a little later, though.

    These things tend to get switched up a lot.

  4. I suspected this might be a mismatch. The color of the head isn't the same as the handle color.

    This is the one scheduled for tomorrow which I guess is a genuine NEW. Right?

  5. Sure is. You should find the shave pretty similar. Although I noticed to my surprise that the heads are not exactly the same. Must be slightly different iterations of the NEW head.

  6. The head on the genuine NEW says "Made in the USA" and "Pat Nos 1328424 - 1815745 - 1858316" and "Reissue Pat No. 17567" and has the Gillette emblem. The head on the hybrid has only "Made in the USA" and the Gillette emblem. The teeth on the hybrid are about twice as long and I think turn down a bit more sharply.
  7. My Frankinjector with the same handle.
  8. I shaved with that exact open comb razor last week, but found it left some stubble around my chin, lower jaw line. It never really gave me a close shave. I had to use another razor to clean things up.

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