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  1. What would people say is the best way to soften the beard "pre-shave"?? I hear that hair conditioner works well? Is this true??
    I have much better shaves when my beard is soft....if it's not, i feel that the blade is being dragged through the hair instead of gliding through. I think that the hair conditioner route may be worth a look, as it's not too mush fiddling about. Any thoughts anyone???
  2. Check out the Prep section of the Interactive Shaving Guide (something like that) under General Shaving. Apparently, hair conditioner is close, but is chemically built to make hair stronger. My experience, while somewhat limited, has shown me that Hydrolast products soften like nothing else.
  3. I found that hair conditioner works for my beard type. I use the Whole Foods brand conditioner. I know it doesn't work for everyone. I haven't had much luck with Proraso Pre/Post as a pre-. I'll stay away from the cliche acronym and just say you have to find what works for you.
  4. while in the shower i use Nivea energy face scrub. when i get out of the shower i dont dry my face but rather add a small bit of nivea Extra soothing balm before making my later. seems to work out ok. unfortunately, im stuck with an M3 till i can muster the funds ( hard in the holiday season) do get a good DE. I get less drag than i used to, but more than i think i should.
  5. In a week of use, I am liking what the ProRaso Pre/Post cream is doing. The shaves have seem easier, although certainly that could be a psychological thing only. I do love the sensation using the Pre/Post cream provides, though, and that alone makes it worthwhile for me.
  6. Just use lots of hot water whether that be in the shower, or via a hot towel. More details in the aforementioned interactive guide. I would personally skip such treatments as Proraso Pre/Post as I do not like numbing my face before a shave.
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  8. Hot water works the best for me too.
  9. I actually prefer using hair conditioner over pre/post
  10. The other day I was staring at my J.M. Fraser shaving cream tub (which says prominently "Softens tough beards"), while picking out a nice soap from the back of my cabinet (I believe it was Wilkinson Sword that day).

    Knowing the Proraso pre-shave ingredients are almost the same as their soap, and also knowing that combining certain creams & soaps together is awesome, I thought I'd give it a try. I should note I tend to shave before showering, so this may have affected the outcome.

    Splash hot water all over, grab about a peanut size blob of Frasers & rub a light coating all over my beard. Wet the hands again, and work in the cream for about a minute (don't skimp here - it's important). Then start lathering with the soap, proceed to shave as normal.

    Better than I could have imagined - incredibly close, no irritation, and skin felt nice and soft afterwards. I re-tried this with the Proraso pre-shave, and I could not reproduce anything near as good.

    So when my Proraso pre-shave runs out, I'm glad I was able to try it, but I will not be purchasing another. For me, the J.M. Fraser shaving cream just works better.
  11. I have found that Lucky Tiger Lemon Facial Cleansing Cream is the best beard softener. It is an olde professional strength barber shop product and needs steam to activate it so you can apply it in the shower or under a hot towel, then just wipe the excess off before you shave.

    Man, does it ever work well. I recently wrote a review on it under the Skin and Body section. It is the only product I have used that substantially softens my beard.
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  13. Would it be presumptuous on my part to add a +5. Oh well, consider me cheeky.
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  15. How has no one mentioned Kyle's prep yet. Not ideal if you're in a hurry, but it's always worked really good for me.
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  17. I've had good luck with neutrogena razor defense face scrub It seems to soften my beard and clean my face very well. YMMV
  18. +5 Hot water and lots of it is all I need.
  19. I shower first, then use T&H ultimate comfort, or proraso pre/post, and than I shave... or if a have time, i use kyle's prep + T&H preshave oil/proraso pre-post (depending on my mood), works like a charm...
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