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    This is a program i found that logs your Behmor roasts with actual profile tracking and allows you to indicate 1st and 2nd crack within the profile, keeps roasting logs, and coffee inventory!

    It looks pretty cool and fairly simple...... I'll have my Behmor Tuesday and try it out properly! :w00t:
  2. letterk

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    Now that is pretty cool. I'll be downloading it when I get home tonight!
  3. I use a Behmor and really enjoy the coffee I roast with it. I seldom vary from using a 1 lb setting with the P4 profile selected. I make sure to pay attention to the roast starting about 12 minutes in so I hear the cracks. For most coffees I let it go through 1st crack, then hit the cool button just when 2nd crack is starting to get going good, but not into a rolling crack.
    Enjoy the Behmor, you can get a really great roast with it.
    Best regards, Ken.
    I forgot to mention that if I need more time I add it at the end of the roast.
  4. I've had my Behmor since it came out, but hadn't seen this software. Thanks for the tip!!
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    I don't even know what any of that means, but it sure looks cool.
  6. I've got a Gene Cafe roaster and have been keeping a manual log of roast, but the software seems like a cool idea. I haven't tried this yet, so excuse me if it's a dumb question, but why can't this software work with any roaster? It's not downloaded to the machine, right? I mean, don't you just enter the time on your PC?

  7. It's only Behmor specific because the profiles correlate to the Behmor's settings (times extend as you go from 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound, temps and power % change with P1, P2, P3, P4.)

    At very least you could use it for the database inventory. There are a lot of empty database tables, one being Roasters, so there could be add ons or another similar program for yours.

    The best part is it's small and free! And no, it's not loaded onto the roaster.
  8. You don't have computer programs to log your tea times?
  9. Ah, gotcha. I downloaded it and am about to enter some information now, before I roast some Kenyan beans I got from Sweet Marias.

    Thanks for the link.
  10. I get my green beans from the Green Coffee Coop ( They put some great coffees on sale every so often, packaged by members who deserve sainthood. You have to pay shipping and a modest coop fee (same regardless of order size), but it all comes out well. I can generally get green coffee, including shipping and fees, for less than $4/lb. Many of these would go in the $8-12/lb range from a retailer, and some higher. If you don't know about them, check it out. Membership is free.
  11. Fantastic! thanks for the info.

  12. I've been ordering from them for years, now, and the coffee is ALWAYS top notch. My only wish is that there were more frequent buys.

    I've gotten from several times in the past couple years, too. Currently I've got 10# Columbian on it's way! :w00t:
  13. Thanks, Sabledog. I hadn't seen this one before. I have about 40 pounds of coffee right now, so won't need any for a few months, but I'll definitely keep an eye on this site.
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    I prefer GCBC or Sweet Marias. GCC doesn't have enough buys.

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