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  1. Hello all,

    I came across this online store claiming to have quality shoes at an affordable price. I've never heard of him so I thought that perhaps the B&B crew would have some knowledge.

  2. Never heard of those "brands".....Keep in mind the old saying "you get what you pay for."
  3. Yup. That's why I posted since a lot of B&B people have more info. :biggrin1:
  4. The longwings looks good however, I didn't see leather mentioned anywhere in the description and they look like a synthetic upper from the pic. That probably means that they won't last long before the surface breaks up. Even so for $79 they might be a comfortable shoe that would last a couple of seasons, so overall probably and OK deal but nothing special.

    PS - I looked under specification - they are in fact leather uppers - not a bad deal then.
  5. I haven't heard of them, but they look quite good, they appear to have an oak leather mid-sole in the heel, decent machine stitching, decent quality leather, etc. The only thing that stands out from the pictures as being mediocre, is the interior lining looks cheap, poorly fitted, thin and uninspiring. For under $100 though, I think you'd have a hard time finding a shoe of similar appearance. Another nicety on these, is that they're from South America - NOT China.

    I'd say go for it. Unless they're uncomfortable for some reason, or have a strange cut/form - I think you'd be hard pressed to go wrong for under $100.
  6. Looks to me they are an anti-brand that may someday become a brand. Doesn't mean they are bad, might be excellent quality.
  7. Here's my take...Many years ago, before most of you were born.('74-'76) I think.
    A full page ad.was placed in the Parade Magazine (Sunday Supplement in many papers) for
    A $1.00 digital watch...I ordered one, for a buck let's see...Never came ! A while later
    the Parade had an article about the guy running off with a million dollars. Left another
    million in the bank , because the Cops were after him...Now that was $1.00 .....
    You feel safe with $80.00 ? Free returns ? Where? It's your money...Remember, when he gets it,
    it's his... And you got what? Just sayin'....I've seen it happen.
  8. Actually they stated that its "100% full grain leather" and not corrected grain leather. However, the soles do look to be bonded and not welted or stitched so they may not be resoleable. But the price is very reasonable, especially for full grain leather and those longwings look really nice. I remember looking at these back when Dappered ran that post, but they don't have wide widths. I also like to be able to try on shoes before I buy. And of course you also have to wait until mid-January for them.
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  9. Josh - Fair point, I just remembered there being intense discussion about the leather quality.

    As regards bonded...I have had bonded shoes resoled (I had a pair of Barker shoes fully resoled but I'm told that such shoes can't be resoled as many times as welted). Still, for $79.00... I was eyeing their nubuck derbies in that light sandy colour for use with a beige linen suit I'm having made up. Might be fun! I might take the plunge and report back once I have the suit in hand and can determine which colour shoes would be best.
  10. Agreed. Just received a pair of Beckett and Simonon shoes. Not sure why they choose to use an incredibly Non-Eco friendly two sizes too big of a shipping box (not very cost effective either) but it is a joke. As is the quality of their materials. Very very cheap feeling. And to top it all off their size 8 fits more like a size 9 or 9.5 wide. These are going back ASAP! But in a much smaller box.
  11. One thing that I always look for before ordering on-line is a phone # and address in the "contact us" page. There does not seem to be either here Kinda suspicous, dont know where they are located until you get the package and have a look at the post mark.

    As a rule I don't order from any outfit that won't divulge address and phone #.
  12. I actually ordered a pair of their oxblood longwings on a lark. I figured they're probably no worse than the black Florsheims I have (Lexingtons?) I picked up for $50 at Nordstrom Rack 3 years ago. I only wear those as beater shoe for rainy days (which really aren't as often as one might think in the Seattle area). I've seen some people's photos elsewhere and I do not think they're the finest shoes ever and they won't give any of my current English or American made shoes a run for their money but they will do well for their intended purpose since my local supply of decent beater shoes has gone up past the $79 mark and they're not significantly higher quality.

    That said, at least the people who do love them aren't wearing those square toed things any longer.

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