Barbers that give straight razor shaves near Charlotte, NC?

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  1. Do any of you know of any?
  2. The barber in Latta Arcade, in uptown, was still shaving the last time I was in there. There's also the Baxter Barber Shop in Tega Cay, SC just across the state line. Just a short drive from him is the Fort Mill Barber Shop on Main St. in Fort Mill, SC. Then there's my guy in Clover, but that's a long drive from Matthews.

    Also, there's a salon called Salon 160 in Tega Cay. There's a genuine lady barber in there named Simmone. I know that she does shaves and is quite pleasant to be around. I also know that she gives a good cut without all of the lines and ridges that you get from most salons(because she trained as a barber and not a stylist). I can't, however, vouch for her shave skills as I've never gotten a shave from her. She is kind of a cougar though.:cool:
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  3. Do they all use shavettes or do they use "real" straights? Do any of them use a brush or anything like that (or is that not allowed for sanitary reasons?)?
  4. NC and SC require disposable edges and no brushes that I've seen. They do, for the most part, use a nice cream and apply it in an almost massaging manner. It's a nice feeling on the face.
  5. Ok.

    What is the name of the barbershop in uptown that does straight shaves?
  6. It's in Latta Arcade on South Tryon between 2nd and 3rd. I don't know the numbered address. I think that the shop is called Woody's. I'm not 100% on that though.

    Found it. It's not Woody's. It's The Arcade Men's Room. Call first, as it looks to have changed hands since I've last been in there.

    For GPS purposes, it's 316 S. Tryon.
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  7. Thanks. I apprecaite it.
  8. No problem.

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