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  1. Just wanted to state my appreciation for the classic. It may not give quite as slick of a shave as a real cream or soap lather, but it's cheap, it smells really darn good, and it gives a good shave if you use it like I do.

    Since the foam is mostly air and has high surface tension, you can mix it with a fair amount of water. I usually spread a very thin layer around most, but not all of my face, then cup some water in my palm and use that to spread it around the rest of the way. Not only does this let you use less (as if it wasn't economical enough already) but it also gives it more lubrication and cushion.

    The other thing is, since none of the Barbasol types have oil except Skin Conditioner, it can leave your face a little bit dry. I counteract this by using a DE razor soaked in Jojoba oil. Jojoba is great for your skin, protects the blade from oxidization, and gives extra lubrication. It's one of the best tricks I ever learned when it comes to shaving.

    So overall, my setup isn't as luxurious as some, and you have to be careful not to nick yourself, but it's incredibly cheap and fast thanks to the longer-lasting razors and Barbasol amount used. Not to mention the cool-looking can, the nostalgia factor, and did I mention the smell can't be beat? :001_tt1: Yes I did.

    Anyone else like canned barbasol? I haven't tried the actual cream tube kind ("therapeutic") yet but I'm getting some next week.
  2. I have only a vague recollection of there having been a Barbasol shave cream in a tube. I cannot recall ever trying it, but when I did start using canned foams in the late 1950s, Barbasol was my favorite then, and has always been a staple in my cabinet ever since.
  3. been using a green striped can of the aloe in my shower as a pre-shave, putting it on and leaving it till the end of the shower then using a traditional cream for the shave for literally 8 months now every day and there is still a few more months of cream in the can. i agree it is good stuff and a bargain for $1 a can that last at least half a year. has loads of stearic acid in it so it is a great pre-shave.

    i like your jojoba idea, might try it. probably also prolongs the blade edge.
  4. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm also a fan of Barbasol....The original red & white is my favorite of the bunch.
    I'll usually rub a decent shave soap onto my neck & face into a lather first and then I'll top it off with some Barbasol for a nice & smooth shave.
    Inexpensive, but very effective imho.
    And yes, the scent is good too.
  5. Barbasol is great stuff. Just what I need on those super lazy days.
  6. Barbasol is OK, I used it for years even with a DE but now that I have multiple pucks and a brush I find the lather is much better from my puck and brush than from a can. However it is good enough that I have a travel-size can of Barbasol and disposable razors that I can pack in a carry-on for a quick trip if I don't check a bag. In comparison, Gillette's canned foam is terrible, Barbasol is much better to shave with than that Gillette red can.
  7. I like Barbasol also. But I also like Williams. I don't know what's wrong with me :blink:
  8. Barbasol was my go to at one time and I remember my old barber adding water to it aswell. You can find a much better soap thats cheaper and will last longer than a can of foam though. Just my 2cents
  9. I use Barbasol on days when I'm in a hurry. It's the best of the canned stuff by far IMO.
  10. I tried barbasol (sensitive skin) for a while and it was alright. I've since got better results from Italian Barber's RazoRock shave gels. Costs more and takes a little bit more time but in the end I got a much better shave. I might try it out again someday though.
  11. Ditto. Just what the Dr. ordered if I'm in a rush.
  12. Another fan of Barbasol :thumbup:

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