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  1. Over the last couple of months I had purchased 2 used Barbasol double edged razors in user but less than pristine condition. My intention with both was to have them re-plated by Dave at West Coast Razors (ocrazorman). After shaving with them to insure they were functioning properly I sent them off to Dave. We had several conversations as to the plating material, timing, and the like. Got them back last Saturday. Totally impressed with Dave's work, communication and customer service. A very good and predictable result, unlike with some. I know West Coast Razors has a wonderful, well deserved reputation at Badger and Blade and this experience only reinforces that. I have included pictures below of the finished product. Did not take before photos. The photos are actually from Dave. The razors were done in nickel and silver. Options would have included rhodium and gold. Happy with my choice.
    View attachment 256995 View attachment 256996 $photo 2.JPG $photo 3.JPG $photo 4.JPG
  2. What a pair of gleaming beauties! Were they old brass razors? The head is a bit like an R41 by the way.
  3. Yes, they are brass. Take plating very well.
  4. Very nice looking would love to get my hands on a Barbasol. Are they both the floating head model?
  5. Those look outstanding....Dave does incredible work. This is the first time I have ever seen a Barbasol replated.
  6. Sigh, when I was first getting into wetshaving, I would scour the antique stores for razors I wanted. In one that I frequented, I kept seeing this Barbasol razor. At the time I had no idea what I was doing and it had a reputation for biting on this board so I kept passing it by. By the time I figured out that I like aggressive razors and the Barbasol was a sought after was gone! Must have seen it in there for 6 months or more but someone finally beat me to it. Those look very nice! Congrats!
  7. I think they are the floating head if that is the milder of the versions and the one with Barbasol around the bottom of the handle. These have that. Would be nice to have Barbasol update these or produce them again as is.
  8. Man that is some very nice work!
  9. Would be amazing!! Been looking for one of these for a while finally found one today!!
  10. Jake

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    Beautiful razors! Congratulations.
  11. Very nice plating job.
  12. They look awesome!! Very nice work.
  13. The best DE I have used (either model) in all categories; wish they were made today.
  14. I love mine. I have one still with nice plating and another that could use a replate. Very nice looking replates!!
    By the way the floating head with barbasol along the base is the MORE aggressive razor. I think they shave similar to a fatip in terms of efficiency.

  15. Aaron,
    I have shaved with both the Barbasol and the R41. Barbasol was a pleasant shave compared to the Muhle. Have a Joris which I have not shaved with as yet which I think is the Fatip head and looking forward to it. I do know that I like how the Barbasol works. Maybe I was just lucky with angle and blade.

  16. I would've posted earlier, but I fainted after seeing those photos.

    Absolutely gorgeous.
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    Yes, they are floating head Barbasol razor. I have 1 and is in my rotation. I love mine. Its a Big Boy on steroids heres is non floating head Barbasol[​IMG]
  18. Good to know thanks Alex!!
  19. This is a very sad story.

    And the OP's razors are absolutely GORGEOUS!
  20. Those look Amazing, Congrats.

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