Badger Recipe

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  1. This is a traditional recipe from the north east of England and to me is the only way to cook badger:

    1. Remove skin from meat and put into a large saucepan
    2. add 1 half bottle of vodka and 2 bottles of newky brown
    3. pour in 1 cupfull of fresh orange juice and half a bottle of good brandy(stirring all the time)
    4. heat for about 45 minutes and then add a full bottle of dark navy rum
    5. when mixture is just about to boil open your dustbin and throw in the badger meat cos it tastes crap and drink the gravy!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFULL

    The above was an excerpt from this helpful link. The link is hilarious.
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    Does the meat or the skin go into the saucepan? :lol:
  3. I believe that they call this concoction a "Bloody Badger"! :biggrin:

  4. ouch

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    Is that add one bottle of vodka to the pot or to the chef?
  5. Newky Brown is Newcastle Brown Ale... interesting story below:

    Nice weekend away

    September 25th, 2006 by Mug UK


    Headed away from work 30 mins early and managed to get an early service to Warrington Central. Meandered over to Bank Quay to wait for the 15:56 service to Rhyl. Which was late. Found a seat and waded through Private Eye to pass the time.

    Spencer and his mate, Badger (Great name! :badger:), picked me up from Rhyl station. Went via Sainsbury’s to get some proper beer. Two real ales and a wheat beer (no Erdinger, but that’s Sainsbury’s for you) - dropped me off @ parent’s house whilst they parked the jeep and wandered over to mine. Said hello’s to my Mum, dropping the bags in the kitchen, swapping house keys over and then Spencer was back again with the beers.

    Headed off to Rhuddlan Castle and spent the new few hours supping some proper beer (the other two also had a cigar each - not my thing) and some other people had the same idea. But mixed with loud cheesy dance muzak and also setting a fire, it kind of ruined the peaceful evening.

    Everything was fine until I opened my bottle of wheat beer (Korenwolf) .. smelt fine. Passed it around for a “group sniff” and passed that test. Took a swig .. and spat it back out again. It was disgusting. Not as bad as Hoegaarden but damn close. Why do they have to put some kind of “perfume” smell into wheat beer. It ruins it completely.

    Headed to the Kings Head in Rhuddlan, via the burger shop for a pick-me-up (aka something to get rid of the taste of the Korenwolf). The Kings Head is split into 3 parts, the back-room, the main bar (full of chavs and Sun readers) and the restaurant. The back room is the quieter part and full of retired people mostly. The average age plummeted when us three walked in! They have two displays of Spar shops from around the world that (I’m assuming) the locals bring back to hang up. Each to their own. Finished off the night with two bottles of Newky Brown. Not had a bottle of that in a long time. Used to live off it in my early 20’s. What could go wrong?


    Urrgh .. what a headache. Definitely not touching Newky Brown again. Real Ale doesn’t have this affect on me so it’s got to be something in the Newky Brown .. that’s my excuse :)

  6. Well, I was going to ask what 'Newky Brown' might be. Now I know, thanks.
    Sort of like the Carp on a Plank recipe. Season up the Carp, cook on the grill for 20 minutes, throw away the Carp and eat the Plank.
    By the way, I'm not going to fool with any Badger. Nasty critters that will cut you up with no remorse. After all, they are a wild critter, they don't know what remorse might be. This Badger farm and shearing of badgers BS is just that. Ya got to kill them to skin them. Who would be dumb enough to attempt shearing a badger?

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