B&B Radio Episode 4 June 5, 2016

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  1. skypsyd

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    Note: We apologize as we had some audio technical issues for this episode. During the final edit, and cuts it was determined to leave the audio in it's entirely, as once the edits were made it took away from the Interview with Sue Clark from Mama Bears Soaps. Toward the end there was also a small Glitch in the Video after publishing, again our apologies, as we want to ensure a quality product for our members. We still hope you enjoy this episode of Badger & Blade Radio, and thanks for listening.

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  2. Thank you Dave I sure wish I could hear this!
  3. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    I am working on something that hopefully you will be able to, and I cannot thank you enough it was a great interview!!
  4. Toothpick

    Toothpick Moderator

    Great episode!

    Really awesome interview and photos.

    Thanks Mama Bear Soaps!
  5. DoctorShavegood

    DoctorShavegood Contributor

    Arko Enchilada's View attachment 664094

    Good show Dave.

    Ah....and I'll let you post the recipe in the Mess Hall...can't wait...yummy.
  6. Dave thanks for another great episode!

    The vintage commercials are fun, and I really like the pictures that accompanied Sue's interview.
  7. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Gents
  8. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    Dave, what is the recipe for Arko enchiladas?:laugh: And what piece of jewelry did you buy your wife?:lol:

    Great interview Sue and Dave.
  9. Devonmoonshire

    Devonmoonshire Contributor

    Thank you for such a Fantastic Episode Dave and Very interesting to know about the Arkochiladas LOL

    First and Foremost Sue, the Mama Bear Soap story and back history is simply amazing and wishing you many years of success with this awesome venture.

    A Huge Congrats to Chris, (@cmh737), for the win in the Movie Movie Night Pif as well:thumbup:
  10. clyde72

    clyde72 Contributor

    Another good job [MENTION=89999]skypsyd[/MENTION]
    Good interview [MENTION=673]Mama Bear[/MENTION]
  11. captp

    captp Steward Contributor

    Great episode, Dave. It was great to hear Sue, my favorite Vendor here.
  12. skypsyd

    skypsyd Steward Contributor

    Thanks Georg she was an absolute Joy to talk to and her commitment to B&B and its members are so truly genuine, it was a ton of fun, just wish the audio would have been better

    And Thanks Gents for listening
  13. Another great episode! And congrats to Chris! :thumbup:
  14. TexLaw

    TexLaw Steward Contributor

    Great episode, David! I'm finally catching up with everything I missed over the last couple months, and I thoroughly enjoyed my binge listening. The photos were a nice touch, too!

    I look forward to the next episode!
  15. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

  16. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Contributor

    Dear [MENTION=673]Mama Bear[/MENTION] Sue,

    Marry me.

    Ummm, Hang on a minute; I probably better ask SMWBO first. :facep:
  17. Lmao rock. Let me know if she gives the ok.. ;)
  18. cmh737

    cmh737 Steward

    Another great episode; and an outstanding interview!

    (and many thanks for your generous PIF!)
  19. Smattayu

    Smattayu Contributor

    Great stuff. It was nice to hear the voice behind the soap. I recently ordered my first pucks from Mama Bear, and I'm officially a fan. :thumbup1:
  20. Spectacular broadcast!! This is the first one I've heard, and I can't wait to hear more!

    Also... in lieu of tamales, please send some Arkochiladas ASAP!

    Now I wanna go buy something from Sue's shop, even though her soaps burn my delicate face. Perhaps some aftershave, lip balm, and a microwave teddy bear for the baby!

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