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  1. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    These "Heirloom Grade" end grain cutting boards are made by a professional woodworker using local kiln dried oak from a local hardwood mill and local air cured black walnut.
    They are constructed entirely with food safe materials approved by the FDA for cutting board use.
    The dimensions of the block are 2x12x20 inches and rests on rail feet 1 inch high and 1.5 inches wide for stability on a variety of surfaces.
    Note that some slight variation of those dimensions will be present as each is hand built and the nature of the materials must be accommodated.

    The feet are attached with high torque, Industrial Grade, non-corrosive screws permanently capped by flush walnut plugs and walnut through doweling for added resistance to twist and impact.


    The blocks are first assembled, planed, and burnished to a smooth finish. The blocks are saturated and cured with boiled walnut oil and beeswax for a minimum of three weeks.
    Over that period they are rubbed and burnished daily with washed and lightly oiled burlap to bring the most out of the finish and grain and to insure the long term stability of the block before shipping.
    After the block is well cured the feet are attached and oiled as well. Each cutting board is shipped with a 100ml corked glass bottle of boiled walnut oil sealed with bee's wax for convenient maintenance by its proud owner.


    Boards will be shipped eight to ten weeks after receipt of payment. Many of our members should receive their boards sooner than that.


    To order, send your payment of 145.00 USD to [email protected]..CONUS shipping is included in the price. Please ensure your ship to address in PayPal is correct.
    Please send an email with any questions or to arrange other payment methods or shipping outside of CONUS.


    As requested by our members a second board is available-that can be shipped via USPS flat rate box-




    The block will be oak and walnut in the same pattern and have a cutting surface sized 18 x 11 x 2 inches with oak handles. The handles are attached with high torque industrial grade screws capped with flush cut oak dowels in a walnut handle instead of feet. Total length with handles will be approximately 20inches. The block will receive the same finish and cure as the footed version. As this block utilizes handles instead of feet, either side may be used as a cutting surface. To safely accommodate the rigors of international shipping in this packaging a 2 oz. tin of board butter made from boiled walnut oil and beeswax will be substituted for the glass bottle of walnut oil.
    As flat rate shipping varies somewhat from country to country this board is offered at $125.00 + shipping charges for the USPS Large Flat Rate Box to your location.

    This style Board will be available to all members.
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  2. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    Oh Crap Jim...... Must.... Have !!!!!!
  3. That is SUHWEET!!!!!
  4. Very nice! I'm thinking about it!
  5. :scared:

    Just payed all my bills/student loans....can the bank account handle this right now?
  6. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    Looks like a beautiful board, but -- Is that the only size being made? Seems a little small to me. Or is there a rationale for that specific size?
  7. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    In before the :w00t:
  8. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    Wow! That is easily the nicest cutting board I've ever seen.
    I wouldn't want to cut on it.
  9. You know, this is one LE I might be able to get the little woman excited about (hell, I know I want it).
  10. Jim, I didn't see a cut off date or number on this. How much time do we have to sweet talk the missus?
  11. I ordered one. Can't wait to see it in up close!
  12. Heirloom grade... that's a term which gets my attention. The only issue is that I'd need to buy a new knife right away. I'm new to browsing the mess hall, so I'm pretty sure this is more expensive than all of the knives in my kitchen. Oh well, at least it's a worthwhile investment. I'll wait until morning to decide, but I'm probably in!
  13. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Jake in hindsight the knife I used may have been a poor choice in the photo, its a huge 275mm blade and a large handle. The board is the only size being offered at this time at this price point.
    Here is a photo with a standard paring knife.
    The first boards will go out in 8-10 weeks, so you have a good bit of time on this, each board is made up one at a time.

    I wanted to elaborate on the cost a little- 145.00 includes Paypal costs and shipping CONUS, so the board alone is 120.00, a tremendous value at this price.
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  14. That's not a cutting board, that's a work of art!
  15. Jim, you're like the old White Owl commercial, "we're going to get you". I'm in.
  16. What's the cut-off date for payments if you want to get in on this?
  17. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    These take a long time to make and cure correctly, I am sure if you discuss payment with the vendor you can work something out.
  18. Thanks Jim. I showed this to the wife, she seemed interested. She said maybe next payday.
  19. These look great, thanks for Organizing Jim.

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