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  1. While it seems that there's quite a bit of discussion about their creams, I rarely see mention of their soaps.

    So for those of you who have used them, how do they compare to say, T&H, C&E and the other milled variety - in terms of latherability, slickness, cushion, etc...

    Second, other than AOS and the Gentleman's shop in UK (ridiculous prices for AOS), who sells this stuff online - bearing in mind that I would need the soaps shipped to Canada?

    For those who have used both the cream version as well as the soap version of their products, which interpretation do you prefer and why?

  2. Yes, I'd like to know as well. And are all AOS products made in England (like C&E's)?
  3. There has been some recent discussion over at SMF regarding AOS soaps. The creams are outstanding, but pricey. I have the sandalwood. The soaps seem to be getting high regard, even from some folks who formally refused to use them due to AOS' mall and/or metrosexual image. I've heard rumblings that the AOS lavender soap is on par with the vintage Yardley.

    I hope to try some AOS soap once I run into a deal. i won't pay $40 for the bowl or even $24 for a refill. A few months ago, they were showing up at a heavy discount on Amazon for a few days. I missed the boat on that one.
  4. I've only used AOS Lavender soap but I have to say it was one of the nicest soaps I've used, it's one of the few products that I actually used up the whole package, so in my book that makes it a favourite.

    You can buy AOS products discounted from, I've used them before and they were very good (and cheap).
  5. I was able to pick up a wood bowl & soap puck of AOS sandalwood from amazon a while back at a discount. I think I paid half price for it.

    At that price, I think it's a good value. And it performs very very well. But you won't catch me paying over $20 just for a refill from them. They're a bit too proud of their soap IMO, to be expecting Floris/Penhaligons prices.
  6. With excellent soaps from Mitchell's Wool Fat, Honeybee, QED, TGQ, and Mama Bear, I just cannot make sense of purchasing AOS soaps. They are so grossly expensive. I understand sometimes you pay for the name but that is ridiculous. T&H is a big name and their soap refill is $16 shipped. I'm gonna pass.. :rolleyes:
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    I have been looking for them at Nordstrom recently since I have a $30 gift card. I figured I would pick one up and see. Unfortunately the couple I have checked did not have any of the soaps in stock. A $24 refill is Floris and Penhaligons refill prices so I don't know if I will be going out of my way to give one a shot.
  8. I am currently using AOS lemon soap and find it to be every bit as good as T&H Luxury shave soap. I had no idea that MBW paid $24 for it though. I think it is an excellent product, but for that kind of money I will probably not replace it. I have too many others I want to try.
  9. In Canada AOS products are available At Harry Rosen mens stores (I haven't been)
  10. Do you know how much Rosen sells them for?
  11. In Sherway Gardens in the west end of Toronto there is a store called "long Island Stogies" and they have an AOS Display. The soaps with bowls from what I remember were over $40. I haven't tried AOS but for $28 I'm more then happy to stick with Tabac which has a ceramic bowl and is bigger puck. I heard about Harry Rosen from another board member I haven't been yet.
  12. On The Fly carries AOS and occasionally has 10-20% off coupons. Free shipping on T&H and AOS products too. Short of a closeout/clearance somewhere or a fleeting deal on Amazon, I think On The Fly is about as cheap as AOS will get.
  13. Thanks guys... but I think I'll just be sticking to their creams, their soaps are just too expensive for my student's budget.
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    These are on my buy list. Tallow based, Italian made, and have the thumbs up from a few soaps users who have enough experience that I pay attention to their opinions. I too have seen some of these soap users declare that these are the best soaps they have ever used. They also come scented with real essential oils to boot. Overall, I am one who finds AOS to be to shelf all the way around. If you want to see expensive, visit and of the three T's sites and check out the razor and brush prices. Basically equivalent to AOS. They are all pricey. I would agree with those who balk at the $40 price of the AOS soap w/bowl. Still, I will fork over for one some day.

    Regards, Todd
  15. I have used AOS Lavendar shaving soap for several years before becoming a member of B&B. The soap is excellent, but I agree that it is grossly overpriced. On B&B, I discovered Tabac shaving soap. I like it every bit as AOS and it sells for about $17 including the ceramic bowl.
  16. I completely agree... I will probably end up biting the bullet one day and buying some.
  17. Well i'm on my third or fourth AOS sandalwood soap puck. I love it, the latherability and slickness is up there with every other top of the line soaps ive tried. My girlfriends Father only uses the AOS unscented soap and has been doing so since the AOS sprung up. His only down fall is he still uses a mach3 and has no inclination of changing.
  18. I know this was mentioned somewhere else, but are the soaps tallow based, or veggie based?
  19. Et VoilĂ :

  20. ooops, knew I saw it somewhere... :redface:

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