Anything similar to RazoRock after shave wax?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by CarleyLady, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. My fiance really likes the waxy consistency but I HATE the smell, it's like having a thick, heavy, perfumey, branch of lavender stuck up your nose. Anyway does anyone know of any other really thick after shaves like the wax?
  2. The Handmade Soap Company (in Ireland) makes a similar aftershave. It smells more citrusy -- I think lime and basil are the main scents.
  3. There's the Razorock 888 Eucalyptus and tea tree. No Lavender in it.
  4. Proraso Pre/Post Cream is top notch. I wouldn't say it is similar to Razorock AS Wax in formulation, but it has similar uses such as calming down irritation after a rough shave.
  5. I should also mention that I mix Proraso Pre/Post Cream with a little Proraso AS, while Razorock AS wax is best as a stand alone.
  6. I don't blame him one bit !! As far as I'm concerned this is my favorite AS,bar none. Believe me when I say I've tried about a dozen or more AS some more expensive some less buuuut none near as good as Razor Rock AS !!! This stuff is to die for, and I believe I've satisfied my ASAD . I know that this isn't what you asked about but all I can say is your fiance is a man after my own heart. The consistency of this product is wonderful and the smell is perfect !!!!!!!
  7. Even better than Trumper Skin Food?


  8. yep, way better than Skin Food

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