Anyone wash their face with water only?

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  1. Judging from the recent "How Do You Clean Your Face Poll" I think some guys on here are washing their face with water only.

    I've started to do this.

    Last summer I didn't wash my face AT ALL. I would shave daily and apply aftershave and my skin looked great. Last winter I started thinking this was horribly incorrect and started washing my face twice a day with Cetaphil and my skin has looked pretty awful ever since. Two days ago I swore off cleanser again and I think my skin is starting to look better.

    I've tried the oil cleansing method, too. It works pretty well, but I prefer just water.

    Anyone have any good or bad experiences from using water only?
  2. nope
  3. I take a shower in the morning and usually only use water on my face at that time. I work in an office and there just doesn't seem to be much reason to wash my face at the end of the day. If my face is so dirty that it requires washing, in most cases the rest of me is that dirty, too, so into the shower I'll go.
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    I used wash my face with only water around a year or two ago. Now that I've discovered face wash I won't go back. Washing with just water doesn't wash good enough imo.
  6. I use just water a lot of the time but other times I use aleppo gold olive oil soap. It gets used as a body soap, preshave and shampoo and is the best cleansing product I have ever come across.
  7. When it comes to washing my face, my stance is to use only what is necessary, not more. And, whatever is not necessary is harmful. So, I wash with water whenever possible, i.e., about 90% of the time. That takes care of all water-soluble dirt and grime. The OCM takes care of all the oil-soluble grime. Rarely do I use soap or a washing gel on my face. I have fairly sensitive skin, and that regimen works best for me. Soaps dry out my skin.

    Switching to water-only may require some time, if somebody wants to give it a try. Part of that hurdle may be a psychological block, in that people might think that they are not clean if they don't use soap or a face wash.

    I actually also shower with mostly water if I don't have to use anything else, and I use shampoo/conditioner only two or three times a week. My skin and hair have never felt better.

    Best - MM
  8. Very confusing thread......Should have been a poll. Really the answer should be yes or no. Explanations for not using soap but be interesting like the guy who decided to give up wet shaving for the dry rambo knife. Where has he been lately? Btw I use soap. Oil usually needs a soap to break it least another oil!
  9. I have experienced that.

    I know I don't need to use a wash, but I can't not skip it
  10. I shave with some of the highest quality products available in the world. Razor blades + top notch products = exfoliation, and deep cleansing. That alone is enough for my skin. Anymore would be overkill, and result in dried/irritation skin.
  11. I might wash my face once a week, unless i get really dirty and sweaty.
  12. I don't think I ever just go wash my face. When showering I wash it with my hair shampoo which is mainly a habit from when I had a beard.
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    I have very oily skin that feels oily without a cleanser..I will eventually try the OCM..But without cleansers my skin would be a mess..However, since high school I have used something that was south of $2 a bar. A week ago I went to purchase it to find it was $7.40..I think they've recently reformulated it with diesel fuel..
  14. I've gone through periods of washing just with water. It worked fine for me, as soap tends to dry out my skin.

    However, my current routine is to wash my forehead and nose with my leftover shaving cream (usually kmf unscented), as it does a great job cleaning the rest of my face/neck while shaving. I usually scrub my whole face with the stuff, in the shower, to soften my beard, as part of my pre-shave prep, but you could use your leftover lather after shaving too.

    My after-shave routine is thayers followed by a moisturizing cream (currently lubriderm unscented), and that was the missing step for me. The moisturizing shaving cream + the moisturizer cleans without drying or causing increased oil production. My wife washes her face twice a day, but once a day works better for me.

    Best of luck.
  15. I have very oily skin and besides a shower everyday I wash my face with a face wash at least once in the evening. More during the day if I start to feel my eyes burning. Have been know to use everything up to and including GOOP if I am really dirty.
  16. Water only .....I find some of these "face" products only clog the pores and lead to complexion problems...
    WATER ....thats all ...
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  18. I have oily skin so i need something that will help with this. Water alone does not do the trick.

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