Anyone Tried "Neal's Yard Close Shave" Soap?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Crixus, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. I was ordering some DR Harris refills from The English Shaving Company and went ahead and tossed a 50g puck of Neal's Yard shave soap in with my order, as it was quite inexpensive. Apparently Neal's Yard is a natural products type of outfit and this is indeed a veggie soap. It hasn't arrived yet, but the main ingredients are palm oil, stearates and glycerin. There is a type of coconut oil (saponified?), some wheat germ and organic lavender oil. Has anyone used this particular soap, and what did you think?

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  2. Answer is no but I'd be interested to hear how it works! Their stuff is easily available here in Britain but is normally a bit overpriced for what it is in my opinion. Did a quick search and found this for under £3/$4.74 so I'd be very interested.

  3. I have a puck of this. I've only used it once so far however, so my opinion of it may change once I've used it more often and figured how best to lather it. It lathered okay, certainly not the worst among the soaps I've tried so far, but I found it dried very quickly. I did like how it left my skin feeling post-shave though. The puck itself has a light lavender scent which I personally like, but the puck is very small. It's 50g but compared to a 100g puck it actually looks less. I lathered with the use of a bowl but given the size of the puck I think it might actually be better to face lather with it. It sells for just under £3 for a 50g puck here in the UK which puts it, cost per gram, at roughly the same price point of a 100g C&E puck. I'll try it again but at this point I'd say I wouldn't reach for it too often ahead of C&E.

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