Any info on the British line of the Red-Tip SUPERSPEEDS

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  1. From a gentleman here on the forum I bought a British Red-Tip Superspeed (I WAS actually looking for a Red-Tip Rocket in the first place).
    I got interested what differs the two BESIDES the well known gap above the knob when closing/opening the Rocket. Some searching here and there I got the impression that the Rocket and the British SS shares the same design of their heads but the Rocket has a greater blade exposure. (Obvisouly I can´t confirm the latter). Source

    Achim has a nice ad from 1957 (enclosed as I know that it´s ok for him to do so- STILL is Achim? :mellow: Otherwise just PM me.

    To the point: does anyone got some more info of the timeline on when these British Superspeeds were manufactured and why they all of the sudden became...rockets?
    Also any comments on how the two British versions shave would be nice to know (I presume that´s a slightly more easy question to answer).

    Besides the nice ad from Achim I send you two pics of my British Superspeed (yeah yeah I will get a proper camera soon)

    $C 1957 Super-Speed.jpg $DSC00456.jpg $DSC00457.jpg
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  2. All I know about the British Superspeeds is that they are alot rarer than the Superspeed Rockets.
  3. The Red Tip Rocket weighs a few more grams. I dont have a Red Tip SS on hand, but I think its around 65 grams, while the Red Tip Rocket weighs 68 grams on my scale.

    I think the blade exposure is the same FWIW.
  4. Yep yep! My digital shows 66 grams on my SS. Accurate or about about the same weight then. Some other comparisons? This is rather fun I think.
  5. I came up with 66g for the Super Speed and 69g for the Rocket. I also think the blade exposure is identical.

    Here is a little thread I posted a while back of the two British red tips along with the US version:
  6. The Rocket and Superspeed family (English).
    1st, #52A Paperclip, Rocket HD, #59 set and I have included the #58 set as but for knurling on the handle it is a Rocket.
    2nd, The Superspeeds a standard English S/S and Red Tip S/S.
    3rd, Standard Rocket, Red Tip Rocket and a TV Rocket with the rhodium plated handle. The other one out of the case is unusual in that it only has Gillette stamped on the base plate as can be seen in pic 4. Probably a defect during its manufacture.

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  7. Missingskin and ras120; I stand speachless when seeing your superspeeds.. Wow. Did you have them replated? If so nickel, rhodium..? Red paint: International harvester..? I am very intrigued in getting mine revamped. Mine is in very good condtion but I just can get that luster- especially on the handle. And the red paint is more brown- as one can expect of course.

    From your observations I sum up that the Rocket and the Superspeed are identical when it comes to shaving(?) No need to hunt down a Red Tip Rocket then?
  8. Hi Henrik, thanks for the compliment. For me the Red Rocket has a bit more heft and bite to it, but that could just be me. And no they all have their original plating only the R/T Rocket has had the tip re-painted the rest are as I bought them.
  9. They both feel the same to me, and mine are all original in both plating and paint.

    The International Harvester red is pretty close as is, but adding some black will make a better match.
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  10. Both feel the same to me too. The TTO on the rocket is obviously smoother but I don't really notice a difference in the shave.

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