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    Guns, Knives, 4wd, dogs... everyting hunting and shooting related.

    Anyone interested in how we do things down under, come and say hi.
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    We have a couple of US members at the moment.

    (I'm "landyvlad" on that one by the way)

  2. How do you do things down under? I thought guns were a big no-no in Oz.
  3. are kangaroo a protected species, or are they like deer in North America? What does kangaroo taste like?
  4. Jim

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    This was the first thing I saw there-
    AHN Moderators - Can explain it to you, but they can't understand it for you" [​IMG]

    "The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it's still on my list."
  5. fccexpert - the greenies are very active down here but there are plenty of firearms owners and shooting and hunting are popular past times, though VERY heavily regulated.

    Jim - yes, it's definitely NOT a politically correct forum, we speak plainly and share our views - all with a healthy sense of humour of course.

    gaseousclay - yes kangaroo are protected. Which is to say not just anyone can go and shoot them, you would need to do so under permit and those are only issued for certain people. Farmers can get "tags" (a culling permit) for x number of roos per year but are not allowed to use the meat, fur etc. Not even t feed it to their dogs. Crazy. Some species of kangaroo and most wallabies are completely protected and can't be shot.

    Professional roo shooters are heavily regulated (and rightly so as they shoot for human consumption) needing special racks for the back of their utes (aka trucks) in stainless steel for example so they can be disinfected, must be within x kilometers of a refrigeration / procesing place and so on.

    Taste? Well it's very very lean meat so you would only cook roo steaks to medium rare. It's very rich, much more so even than venison. People either enjoy it or hate it with a passion - there's not much middle ground and its not ameat that regularly graces teh average dinign table like beef, lamb or pork.

    I love roo sausages with herbs and stuff in them as well. Mmmmm, yummy.
  6. saf


    I got a roo tenderloin for a OZ friend of mine not too long ago. It is very lean and medium is about as far as I would go with it. Marinating it for 12 hours in oil helped. I also put a piece of foie gras on top. I thought it was good and will most likely get some more some day. I think I paid 15 a pound for it.
  7. yes there are plenty of greenies over here

    had a nice day at the range last week got to shoot 4 calibres which i have never tryed

    the 300 win mag is great flat shooter kicks hard have fired once before but his was the real day for the shoulder

    375 H&H kicks pretty hard too

    22-250 great flat shooter mild kick ide recoment this to varmint shooter

    glock 17 is a very fun 9mm
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  8. Kirk, do your teachers know you do this sort of thing and have lots of shave objects too?
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    It's Tasmania

    Back away quietly...
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    Roo is great, we have it in the Legion house about once a week. You can just buy it in the meat section of the supermarket here. The trick is to only turn it once, and don't over cook it, or it goes tough. Marinating is a good idea. It is a very lean meat, and very good for you. I think a nice, distinctive flavour.

    You can shoot them, but as Vlad said, you need permits, and there are a lot of rules. But that is the same as anything to do with guns here. I used to hunt them when I was in the bush. The back straps are best (the muscle running from the top of the tail up the back.)

    And the leather makes the best razor strops, among other things.

    They are not an endangered species. In fact the government have to regularly cull them due to over breading. But that does not mean you can just grab a gun and go hunting. Not that simple here.
  11. I've got a Ruger No1 in 375H&H. Never notice the recoil in the field as generally only firing a few shots and your body can move.

    I went to the range and put in 20 rounds off the bench once. By shot 13 I wanted my mummy..... :laugh:
  12. yes they do

  13. soft i bought a new box of highland 375 H&H that shoots a 300 grain slug and fired the whole box out of a mates gun and i was fine but i do a heap of all day shotgunning for roo

    ha ha i got told by a female mate you realy do remind me of my grand father ive been told this many times

    i love shooting not many 15 year olds do as much as me though ide like to have more shooting mates my own age not oldies
  14. yes although i dont have many supporters shooting is a dying sport today but i think that its because more people live in citys

  15. on the No 1 do you have a nice soft recoil pad ?

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