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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by JMT, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. JMT


    I always thought that a styptic did the same thing as alum. So I have some questions.

    I see that some people use an alum block everyday. What exactly does it do?

    Are they usually available at local drug stores or is it something that needs to be ordered?

    How do you use it?

    Thanks and I apologize if this is a repeat post.
  2. I got mine from Classic Shaving.

    It closes the pores and acts as a mild antisceptic... gives a nice sting/tingle.

    After you've given your face the cold water rinse, run some cold water over the block and just rub it over your face/neck.

    I'm pretty sure the stypic is the exact same thing, just smaller and intended for treating cuts.
  3. I use an alum block every day regardless of whether I've nicked myself. The Alum block is an antisceptic, reduces razor burn, stops minor bleeds and tells you how well you've shaved, the more it stings the harsher the shave. My shave isn't complete without one.

    As far as I'm aware the styptic pencil is purely for treating cuts.
  4. When my face is feeling a bit raw, usually Thursdays or Fridays (I don't shave Saturdays) I often give my face a good blocking. Its not exactly soothing, but does tighten the pores and helps recover the face a bit. I usually apply it while the Skin Food is still moist.

  5. Once again I can say something to the effect of "John pretty much summed up what I think"...I use it almost every day (I'll admit that some days I simply forget it until after I've applied some sort of AS and then it is too late)... You know, it is weird that there are actually a few people here who I can almost count on to say what I would say if given the chance.
  6. I use my block after most shaves. It is great to stop the small spot bleeding and razor burn. It also tightens up your face. Styptic I think is stronger and designed for cuts. The alum won't stop bleeding cuts. It dries on your face clear. Styptic tends to leave white marks on your face
  7. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    I use one also The feeling is not really pleasant not bad- though I would not miss it for the world. A styptic pencil is salt pressed into a stick, different animal.
    I purchased my alum ball from a beauty supplier near hear for a couple or four bucks.I would be happy to pick one up for you.
  8. JMT


    I might take you up on that, I am going to check a few stores around here and see what I can find.
  9. Just ONCE I'd like to read through all my unread Badger & Blade posts without finding something I feel I have to try. :001_smile
  10. How about trying this then...

    In our Barber Shop we use a wet Alum block for making our Flat top crewcuts stand up. Clipper the hair really short, rub the scalp with a wet alum block and all the hairs stand straight up. All you need to do is cut the hair freehand with the clippers, just like a hedge!

    I learnt this trick from the elderly Polish barbers who worked at the RAF Greenham Common barbershop keeping the US Air Force in shape during the installation of the cruise missile system of 1983/4.

    Regards, Robert
  11. Interesting. It almost sounds as though it would be good to use the alum block as a pre-shave. Has anyone tried that?
  12. htownmmm

    htownmmm Moderator Emeritus

    For a real treat, pour some cold water (from the fridge) into the sink and then dip your alum block into that ........mmmmmmmmmmm :biggrin:

    Your face will thank you!

  13. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    What would be the fun in that ??
    :lol: :lol: :w00t:

  14. That actually sounds good! I will indeed try that, if only to cause my wife to shake her head at my bizarre behaviour yet again...

  15. That sounds fantastic, I'd be a bit wary of doing it after a Proraso shave though!
  16. Isn't it great to have SWMBO just stop in her tracks and give you a WTF-look, but not actually say anything because she doesn't care about the answer, and she knows that the answer will be too long and confusing? :smile:
  17. I am sure Robert can correct me if I am wrong......but wasnt an Alum block the Original Aftershave?

  18. Isn't that how Batman's Mr. Freeze got his super powers? :lol:

    Good tips... I had thought that as I got better at this, the alum block and styptic pencil would be getting less use...

  19. Maybe the Styptic Pencil but the Alum Block is important. :wink:
  20. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    I just tried this idea for my face as suggested and I am sorry to say I cannot recommend it, I am not sure of why but it caused the razor to drag -perhaps it acts lock a flocculat (sp) and kills the lubrication of the lather. The things I do for science:w00t:


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