Alcohol Based Deodorant Recommendations

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  1. Hey guys,

    I've found that alcohol based deodorant sticks work best for me. I don't do antiperspirants or anything with aluminum. I hate spray on deodorant as well as gel. I love the cool feeling of the alcohol stick in the 'pit in the mornings and I understand that the alcohol is key in killing bacteria. Most non-alcohol deodorant sticks don't seem to keep the odor away for me either.

    I've noticed that the availability of alcohol based deodorant sticks has diminished quite a bit over the years. I know several people that can't use them because of irritation.

    A quick look at CVS, Walgreens, etc. reveals Old Spice Original Scent, Old Spice Fresh Scent (what I have been using lately), and Brut in alcohol based sticks. I know that the department stores sell alcohol deodorant sticks at the cologne counters. I've picked up a few of those such as Polo and Azzaro PH, but those are pricey at over 20 bucks a pop. It seems like most of the newer ones coming out are all alcohol free.

    Do you guys use alcohol based deodorants, and if so, what are you rocking?
  2. Before I switched to an alum block I used Old Spice. Pure Sport scent. Mostly because you can buy it in a 2 pack and save some $$. Great scent though.
  3. I can see why it's tough to find alcohol based deodorants. Looks like not many peeps use them anymore!
  4. You might try the Right Guard deo spray. Its basically alcohol, fragrance and triclosan (an antibacterial that gets some bad press). I use the "fresh" scent - its kinda citrusy in a good way. I much prefer it to the sticks.
  5. Try Speik in the stick form. It has that alcohol cooling sensation and a nice "woodsey" scent. I have just started using it but only on the weekends. I am waiting until winter to try it under my balistic vest. No deodorant has held up save one. Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant (not the Anti pers).

    *Old Spice! Not Speed Stick....
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  6. I don't know about the RG spray. I have used other sprays that really weren't for me. I'm partial to the stick, but I appreciate the rec.

    I have almost pulled the trigger on the Speick deo stick a time or two. I use the shaving stick from time to time and absolutely love it. I guess I need to go for it.
  7. I used Old Spice original stick back in the day, and that's the only one I can really remember that had alcohol in it. Doesn't the scent clash with your cologne? It's pretty strong, as I recall. Same with Speick deodorant, which I guess has alcohol, too.

    I hate spray deodorant, also. I don't need to inhale that stuff.

    By the way, the triclosan in Old Spice original probably kills more bacteria than the alcohol does. Their more recent products (Hig Endurance, Red Zone) don’t have it.
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  8. The old classic stick with alcohol is what I am currently using, only in fresh scent instead of the original. Fragrance aside, the formulae are the same. I have never liked the smell of original Old Spice (ducks for cover). The smell is quite strong as it goes on, but the fresh scent smells like clean laundry and I don't really fear that it interferes with my SOTD. I may be wrong!

    Thanks for the tip on the triclosan. I would have never known or guessed that!
  9. All the men's Chanel sticks are still alcohol based. I hate the stearate/glycol based sticks. To me it feels like wiping glue or half dried soap under your arms. Some Paco Rabanne sticks are still alcohol also but they seem to be changing to the "mild" formulation. When I talked to some ladies behind the counter at Heathrow Airport duty free, they said they got a lot of men asking for alcohol based sticks, as they did not like the soapy mild type. I think that the fragrance makers may have misjudged their market and are dictating what is available rather than what men want, just like the razor makers did when they replaced single DE blade razors with expensive to run multi blade cartridge rubbish.

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