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  1. Hey Folks
    I recently acquired a Muhle R41,(my first open comb,but definitely not my last).
    I find it to be an aggressive and efficient razor,worth every penny.
    Up until the R41 I've used mostly my merkur HD and my Gillette red Tip

    So here's the question:

    What is the most aggressive closed comb/Safety bar razor you've used?

    If you would like to mention a TTO as well as a 2 or 3 piece please feel free

  2. I would think that any of the adjustables set to the max or even overclocked might be worth a look.
  3. ChiefBroom

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    Merkur Futur, which was my first DE razor and which I don't like.

    As among vintage solid-bar razors I've used, I'd say British Aristicrat #21s were the most aggressive, although some would say #16s are more agressive than #21s (based on the fact #16s are heavier). My own sense, however, is that #21s have more blade exposure, which trumps weight in my book. I'm pretty sure there are more aggressive (earlier) solid-bar Aristocrats than the #21; I just haven't tried them. IMO, the #21 was the high-water mark of Gillette one-piece razors.
  4. Merkur Futur or Slant. Slant is aggressively smooth (if that makes sense). The Futur dialed down is effective but opened up is as aggressive as it gets.
  5. The Parker 3-piece razors are pretty aggressive. The head looks like an Edwin Jagger but the blade sticks out more. The Slant as well.
  6. IMO, the #16 deserves a place alongside the #21, along with the #66 and the American Executive, which I consider the finest razor Gillette ever made. It is also fully Rhodium plated, the only such razor that Gillette ever made in the U.S.

    IMO, the Futur, set above 3, is the most aggressive closed comb razor that I have used.
  7. ChiefBroom

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    I've never shaved with an Executive. I was obsessed with finding one (just missed getting 3 or 4) until I tried a 2-piece LC NEW. That cured me. I do have #16s and #66s, as well as a President and a Diplomat, and while I enjoyed using them, I had the same experience at one time or another with ALL of them, which was losing my sense of contact/communication with the blade when (presumably) too much lather cushion developed. That NEVER happened to me with a British #21, or a #58, or an HD Rocket, all of which I believe have more (or at least more effective in my hand) blade exposure. And I've used several of each of the Brits. But then, as we all know, mileage varies.
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  8. I never tried the Futur, but I have tried a Progress and when dialed up it was aggressive, I think those two must be among the most aggressive Solid Bar razors available. Without having the adjustment possibility I have found the r41 to be the most aggressive followed by the Titan H1, from what I have tried and IMO.
  9. It was my first as well
    I don't like it much either
  10. Merkur Progress + Futur are quite aggressive for adjustables.
    Tradere SB is effective
  11. ChiefBroom

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    I have a missing piece of thumb to prove it with respect to the Futur.
  12. Searlands

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    Amen. :thumbup:
  13. bakerbarber

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    I have some European models that are not branded and have a blade gap you could drive a truck through.
  14. Just when I thought my days on the B/S/T were coming to a close
  15. The most aggressive closed comb that "I" have used is my Gillette Black Beauty TTO set to 9. I lent it out to a friend and just got it back yesterday. I dropped a Feather in it and did three passes. I had to finish up with my R101. Why do I bother to shave with anything else? I love my Muhle!
  16. That's a rough start!
  17. Above the Tie Titan H1 is a very aggressive, smooth shaving sb razor.

  18. +1 Just 1 notch below the 2011 R-41
  19. Merkur 38 c....for some reason way more aggressive feeling than the 34 c...I think they have the same heads, but it just chews my face up.
  20. I like Copierguy's idea . . . over-clock a Fat Boy or Slim and set it on 7 . . .

    Be sure to let someone else in the house know you are about to shave in case there is major injury . . .

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