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  1. I would like to try an SE razor and use mild (like a British Knack) DE razors. What would you veteran SE user suggest to someone interested in a smooth simple SE razor?
  2. 1912 GEM is what I started with, i got some blades from B&B in a group purchase and away i went :)

    Mine is a Made in England version but I think they are all sort of the same.
  3. My first SE razor was a Gem G bar. It's well built and pretty much idiot proof. I think that most of the SE razors are pretty similar in terms of aggression/mildness unlike DE razors which can be quite variable.

    You could also try a Schick injector. Those are even easier to use due to their similarity with cartridge razors.
  4. A few come to mind:

    GEM 1912
    Feather Weight
    Bullet Tip
  5. rockviper

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    I found the 1912 to be fantastic as my first SE. The grip was very natural as well and I was getting great shaves right out of the gate.
  6. The hardest thing to learn is going to be handling the razor on your face. The se blade is much thicker than double edge blade and will not flex as you move the razor on your face, thus making it less forgiving than a gillette for example.

    With that in mind these are the mildest I know of:

    Gem featherweight
    Gem g bar
    Gem push button
    1912 models.
  7. I don't think you can go wrong with a gem / ever ready 1912.
  8. The GEM Push Button was my first SE and it seemed to make it a very easy transition. Since then, I have an OCMM, G-bar, and Featherweight. I still think the push button is very mild and gives a good shave and would be my recommendation if forced to choose.
  9. 1912 or a Clog-Pruf. G-Bar too.
  10. Well I bought a 1912 from a local dealer along with some GEM blades. My first shave went well, only one tiny cut. The 1912 was very simple to use. How does one I.D. these thing?
  11. ackvil

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    Go with the 1912.
  12. Start with pics ;)
  13. Can not go wrong with the G-Bar. It has converted more than its share to the realm of SE shaving.
  14. 1912 is a classic but may be more aggressive than you're used to. I'd say go with the Heavy Flat Top (G-Bar) if you like a somewhat hefty razor, Feather Weight if you like a light razor, or a Slanted Wing (Bullet Tip) Micromatic for a middle weight. Any of these will deliver a mild but effective shave, with a very manageable learning curve.

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