Adjustable to compliment Fat Boy?

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  1. I have in my possession 3 razors:

    Ball End Tech - My beginner razor, I've come to find it's way too mild.

    Red Tip Superspeed - Way too aggressive, serves me well on first and part of second passes. Tears me up on the third.

    Fat Boy - Perfect. I dial it up for the first pass, down on the 2nd, and different for 3rd based on what part I am shaving.

    I am looking for another adjustable that's comparable. I enjoy vintage razors. I'd like to have another one I can leave at my beach house. What would everyone suggest?
  2. The Gillette Slim or Super Adjustable, both great razors.
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    what he said[​IMG]
  4. What other options for vintage adjustable does he have? Would you guys recommend a new Merkur progress?
  5. There really aren't any other vintage adjustables unless one gets into the really rare and super expensive ones such as the adjustable Walbusch slant. Be prepared to be set back the cost of a small car. Gibbs, a French company made one that uses special blades. The Eclipse Red Ring is adjustable, be prepared to spend say $300 on one.

    Get yourself a new Merkur Progress which is an old design and with Mers customization is a great razor and very beautiful to boot.
  6. There are also the Gillette Toggle and Adjustable Aristocrats... of which the Aristocrat was a slim that was gold plated. Toggle can push upwards of $200, and the Adj Aristo enjoys being around $90-110.
    But if it's your beach house, why not go with some style!
  7. I feel like I get the same shave with my toggle as I do my standard fatboy. But for fun my next two shaves will be with those two and I'll know for sure. I do know that I hold the toggle different than I do the FB though.
  8. Slim and Super Adjustable are ideal mates to the FB.
    However, if you want to branch out a bit, a Merkur Progress is a bit more versatile and nice and hefty. It's the German counterpart of the Fat Boy.
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  9. You can obtain a Slim for a very reasonable price. It shaves as well and, for my money, is more elegant than the Fat Boy. The Fat Boy is in bigger demand because it was produced for such a short period of time. There are many more Slims out there, thus lower demand and lower price. It's one of the rare occasions where you get better cheaper. You will like the longer handle also, and the Super Adjustable has the same benefit.
  10. The short handled Super Adjustable would be a good choice. I prefer it over the Slim.
  11. I'm gonna be somewhat contrarian and suggest a schick dial adjustable injector. Until I got mine, I didn't realize what I was missing. It actually brought me back around to trying single-edge shaving again. The quality of the shaves is excellent, and you can get decent chinese schick injector blades on amazon.
    Consider it. You might be surprised.
    -- Chet
  12. The Wilkinson Sword Empire sets are adjustable SEs, and are a lot of fun. If you keep your eyes open, you can find a Gibbs adjustable for around $30 USD on ebay.france, on occassion.
  13. Just thought of another vintage adjustable: the PAL injector. Stainless steel sleek 1950's look. Wonderful shaver. I've had one in my drawer for the longest time and keep forgetting to use it. Too many razors.
  14. Perhaps I got a bad one, but the PAL never gave me as good a shave as the Schick Dial Adjustable. The adjustor was always too loose, and it was difficult to load. I'm glad someone likes the PAL, as it's a visually stunning piece of kit.
    -- Chet
  15. +1
  16. I agree but really like my Black Beauty long handle SA

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