Acquisitions September 22 - 28

Discussion in 'The Score' started by Suzuki, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    Show us this week's scores!
  2. Score from my visit to Venice ... the Proraso pre/post costs € 3.20 in the supermarket in Venice and € 8.50 if I buy it in Amsterdam.
  3. Jan, excellent haul!
  4. +1

    8.50 Euro in Amsterdam? :eek:

    $7.50 CAD in any local Montreal Italian mom&pop smallmart. :thumbsup:
  5. Yes, it's pretty bad. Here (NL) Proraso is marketed as something exclusive, only available in high-end shops or select barbershops, while in Italy it's supermarket stuff.
  6. By no means a "score", but stuff I got anyway....

    100 Russian Gillette 7 O'Clock blades came in today's mail, and I had to get a bottle of Adidas after shave for no other reason than that I run.
  7. A New Improved dated to 1921. The first year of production I believe. Scored it at a local flea market. It has the infamous stress crack on the handle too.
  8. This just in!

  9. Not a big haul by any means.

    Speick Shave stick
    Ems place Alum
  10. Decided to give it a polish with nevr-dull. Was very surprised it turned out so well. It looks like the QC inspector was sleeping when this one came past...the patent date at the bottom of the handle is double stamped.
  11. Tabac:

    -hair tonic
    -soap in bowl (spare, JIC :rolleyes:)
    -soap refill
  12. Jared, I have a 1928 Gillette Bostonian that must have had the same QC inspector. Mine is also double stamped.
  13. Huh...very interesting. That is quite the stretch. Maybe they didn't inspect the shavers as rigorously as the did the blades.
  14. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    You must have the world's biggest Tabac stockpile :biggrin:
  15. +1. I think i have seen at least one Tabac post from Stauff on every score thread. By now he is sure to have the entire Tabac line of products. It's high time we changed the "Speick-en Sie Deutsches" title.
  16. Okay, how good rapport must one have for this to happen.
    Yesterday I walk into the local antique store in the town I work in, and this, more or less, is the ensuing conversation:
    "Hey Jim, I found some more goodies for you, but I forgot them at that house"
    *("that house" refers to a house which she has recently gone through for an estate sale - another plus, she sets aside shaving goodies for me before putting them in her store)
    "ah, oh well..."
    "tell you what, here's the key, why don't you go get them"


    so there I am, going to this house, thinking how crazy is this, but not gonna complain. here's the score:


    after some picking through, here's the good stuff:

    all of these items are at least 17 years old, minimum.
    I'd never heard of Old Spice Leather, the glass bottles are really cool, have a kind of texture to them.
    Notice the Old Spice ship on the silver "flask"
    I don't know anything about the "Aramis" or "Royal Copenhagen", but hung onto them in case anyone here did.
    Oops, forgot to add: that is a Gillette Techmatic, and a D2 Super Speed
  17. Sweet TV SS
  18. +1 on the TV SS. Why doesn't this type of thing happen to me. Great catch!!
  19. Great score man! It pays to let people know what you into!
  20. Just got this today from Bernd at shavemac: Speick SC, SS, and a custom 23mm genuine horn brush with special silvertip:w00t:

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