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Discussion in 'The Score' started by Trenton, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. My son and I went to the flea market today and found a few things. He has me interested in straights, and we usually pick up the DE's for his friends. Everything is user grade or parts, except the Slim Twist with unopened blades and instruction papers, and the travel case looks unused. I also got another brush and ~1000 grit water stone. I

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  2. A few things new. The Top Secret Cologne was from a good friend of mine in Portugal. The cream and the brushes, 1 in a tin and 1 in a box were from Portugal. The badge is mine and from Wales, the Floid is from the bay and the razor is a Wade and Buthcher, with G10 scales from the Classic Edge Shaving Store in Canada, bought on fleaBay



  3. I took the opportunity this morning to go off in search of razors at some place more useful than the local antique malls. I ended up calling in at several little towns I'd never even heard of before, as well as a few yard sales in places so remote that I'm not sure that they're in a town at all. Got a whole lot of very friendly negative responses when I asked if they had safety razors – "Oh gosh, I sure don't!" – but I hunted out a few even with the late start I got on a big flea market. I netted a 1969 Super Adjustable from a guy running a yard sale: he didn't even have it out for sale, and when I told him what I was after, he went rummaging in his medicine cabinet for a few minutes. He told me that this is the razor he had with him while serving in Vietnam. It came wrapped in a branded giveaway I've never seen before: a rubber razor head cover advertising the Midland Mutual insurance company. That thing is pretty gross inside, and I'm not sure what would clean it properly without eating away the material too. But I bought it off him for $5, so I'm not fussed about the cover. :001_smile

    Over at the flea market, I found a lovely Gem Micromatic in its original case, which had little containers for an original pack of blades (long gone) and a used blade vault, which the vendor sold me for all of $10. I'm really excited about this one: ever since my awkward first experiences with a hard-used Gem 1912, I've kept my eyes open for a better SE razor. Look what great condition this Micromatic is in! Just a trace amount of gunk in the handle, and little soap scum in the depths of the razor head.

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  4. Ordered these midday on Friday and received them yesterday morning in the post. Very impressed with the swiftness.

    Put a Wilkinson Sword blade from the sampler pack in my Merkur Futur & Sanguine Shavette this morning. Looking forward to trying some of the other blades like the Derby & Fethers as I have heard good things about them. With delivery, tax. etc. It worked out to 20 pence a blade. Not bad at all.
  5. I just took delivery of:
    1 package from containing a Muhle R41 and some packs of Shark and Voskhod blades
    1 package containing 2 speick shave sticks
    1 package containing a vintage Ever-Ready 100T in excellent shape. I could probably use the original knot instead of doing the intended reknot.
  6. I just get these products


    Best regards
  7. Just showed up today:
    Shavemac Finest 30x56 and a new Shwiezweisskeramik Scuttle

  8. Here are a Goodwill razor and an English flare tip Rocket. Pretty clean and shiny and I haven't gotten to 'em yet!
  9. A Simpson LE Colonel and a #21 Aristocrat. The razor is pictured before I cleaned it up.

  10. Got this in the mail today.

    Thank you Shaving.IE.

    Can't wait to try it tomorrow with Cella.:w00t:

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  11. Here is my haul all picked up today found the razor for $8 after posting a wanted ad, and got the 2 brushes at the local antique mall the 'Made Rite' 225 was $7 and the Rubberset $3.50 after a 30% off Halloween sale! I believe the Rubberset is missing piece or two but it is cool none the less.

    the Gillette is in pretty good shape aside from a small crack it is also a bit of a mystery as it has no serial numbers, or any markings aside from the made in USA and Gillette Diamond. I have more pictures in this thread.

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  12. Muhle R41 (2011) on its way from Connaught, for $33; about $36 shipped.
    Also, 100 Astra platinums for $10.40 on eBay this evening, with shipping.
    Merkur slant 3 days ago.
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  13. That brush looks awesome. Could store enough lather for 10 passes in that monster.
  14. It is fantastic! The Finest hair is soft, if there is any scritch, it will be gone soon. Super soft after 1 use...maybe not as soft as their Silvertip, but soft enough for me and half the price...VERY AFFORDABLE big brush...

    And, yes, it holds enough lather to shave my face (2 passes + touch up), my wife's legs (she's 5'10" :w00t:), and still some to rinse down the drain...
  15. Just arrived today. I'm a Tabacinist.

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  16. Got mine in the mail today. To good a deal, with our 15% discount (BB11), and free shipping I couldn't pass it up. The black bag is full of samples of all the creams and aftershave balm's that Truefitt & Hill produce. Nice surprise from a company that has always provided me with great customer service.
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    I love this thread, keep it coming.
  18. i feel like im lacking since i havent bought anything yet this month
  19. Nice brush, where did you get it from?
  20. Well i have had a few things so far this month that once i have pics of i will post up but this was by far the biggest surprise i got after opening the package thinking it was just a normall slim....

    So shiny
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