Acquisitions for April 2012

Discussion in 'The Score' started by showle, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. This is my score from the local Flea Market today!

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  2. $6894114668_2fa9222c7f_c.jpg
    Not technically an acquisition, but I did receive my re-plated 1959 Fatboy. I wish I had a before picture to do this one justice. It wasn't in horrible shape, but it was a little worse for wear and mechanically the action wasn't very smooth. This will be getting its maiden voyage tomorrow
  3. I picked up two bottles of Proraso splash and an aloe and green tea soap. I know they are being changed in the new line up but they were on sale, so why not?
  4. I Announce my first Acquisition for April with the Arrival of this Awesome Aristocrat Adjustable.

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  5. I got these this week. I should endure those ADs.

    Acqua di Parma Shaving Cream
    Ever - Ready 500C Red Marble
    Somerset Simpsons Duke 1 Best Badger
    Durham Enders Speed Deluxe Razor
    Gucci Sterling Silver Brush
    Zimmerman Sterling Silver Handle
    Lentheric Soap
    Barbershop Limelight Soap
    Aramis Etruscan Soap

  6. Wow, fantastic scores Berkin. That Arasmic Shave soap looks so cool. Never seen that before
  7. Had a few arrivals this week another Valet with instructions and blades , a rolls Viscount with all paper work in its original card board box , an EverReady in a box with unused blades(abused ) but razor is good , A Wilkinson empire with lots of blades and all paperwork and a Khaki with blades arrived and used last night ( good shave ), still waiting on my GI 2ND world war shaving brush though
    $rolls razor 3.jpg $auto strop.jpg $Empire contents.jpg $Ever ready.jpg $gillette khaki.jpg
  8. Oooh, like that EverReady brush.
  9. Just got some new things in the mail, this is of course after cleaning. I LOVE my case tumbler, there is a small crack in the handle and a strange bump on the head, but neither afffects shaving. By date code 402792 B, a 1924 Bostonian
    $tuckaway 004.jpg $tuckaway 002.jpg $tuckaway 004.jpg $tuckaway 006.jpg $tuckaway 007.jpg
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  10. Wow, great find at a pawn shop.

    I will have to start stopping at pawn shops.
  11. where did you get it replated
  12. $IMAG0139.jpg

    1966 Super Speed

    I really got lucky it was in very good condition, all it needed was a quick scrub and some rubbing alcohol.
  13. I just picked this up this Rhodium plated red tip on EBay as the only bidder;

  14. Man that is shiny...
  15. In addition to the rhodium plated red tip, I picked up this 24 kt gold plated Tech / New hybrid. This thing shaves like a dream!!

  16. I have several super speeds; very nice razors. It's a pleasure to get one like yours with no brassing or pitting.
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  17. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Contributor

    I took a leap and got a Guard from India.
    I had a passable shave and only dropped it twice. Single blade, pivoting head, and smooth first shave. The blade seemed to be really sharp and smooth. Not much control due to the pivoting head. I resisted pressing and got an irritation free shave. Not as close as a DE shave, but somehow not as shameful feeling as using other cartridges.

    I will see how long I can push one cartridge. It's an interesting item. It's literally as light as air. The handle is so thin and hollow it felt like nothing was in my hand. I picked up two handles and 16 replacement carts from eBay for $11.50 delivered. I figure at $0.64 per blade I wasn't gambling much.

    I have a new travel razor if nothing else. I remember reading the WSJ article about these back in October 2010. I know some other guys on here have tried them as well and that was part of why I did too. All in all a good shave. The light weight handle is something I don't think I could live with. It's cheap and slippery and has obvious sloppy edges where it's molded. Even the cartridges have slivers of black plastic where they were molded too. Nothing in the way of shaving, just a sign of just how mass produced they are. I wonder if the keen blades will be cheapened at some point. So far with one shave in, the sharp and smooth blade was the only thing that impressed me aside from the cool looking comb guard.

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  18. Picked these up last week. The New had most the plating gone on the head, so I went ahead and polished it and the handle end up. Been wanting to do that to one for a while now. The other is a gold Krona. Only thing I can find about these is that they came in a commemorative set?

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