Acceptable Levels of Marks/Belmishes on New Razor

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by Huy, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Huy


    I recently purchased a new razor in a polished finish. Upon careful inspection I noticed that there were some marks leftover from the manufacturing process and also some light blemishes/spots. This straight is made from O1 steel and has not been used.

    I have 2 other razors made from a different kind of steel and they did not exhibit these problems. They were both brushed/satin finish though.

    Would these marks/spots be acceptable to you or would you exchange for another one? Is this normal for this kind of steel/finish? Acceptable in this price range ($200-300)?

    I'll leave the brand undisclosed for now; not trying to ruin anyone's reputation. I tried to take some pictures to show what I am talking about. It's kind of hard to capture it with such a shiny piece of metal.

    $right side.jpg
    $left side.jpg
  2. ide probably ask the seller about a refund

    if its a custom ide consult with who ever it is you bought it off. your choice
  3. is the bottom pic scratches or a fingerprint in the top circle?
  4. Huy


    those are definitely scratches. Thought they were fingerprints too but no amount of wiping would get those off.
  5. is it a custom or did you buy it from a vendor?
  6. ide talk to the seller to work it out.

    if its a custom thats cheap and ide ask the craftsman/woman their opinion was it in the description?
    if its like a TI Hart or Dovo ide complain and ask for a refund
  7. Huy


    No it's not a custom. Bought it from a reputable vendor. I'm sure the vendor will take it back no problem, just wondering if it is normal or if I am too picky.
  8. It's possible that some moisture got into the packaging some how or it got through QC on a monday ;)

    You're probably justified to go back to the vendor to sort it out. Btw it looks like a Hart razor?

    Good luck :)
  9. Huy


    Thanks guys. I'll email the vendor and see what happens.
  10. The second looks like tape residue from honing... Tape residue can hold water and make rust blotches if not wiped clean after honing. Just a thought, to me those are minor enough to polish out yourself unless you payed a large amount for the razor. Either way it's no harm to talk to the seller.
  11. To be honest, the only one I would have a issue with is the bottom pic, top circle. If those are indeed scratches and not a finger print, I would contact the seller.
    The one top of the spine looks mostly like residue. The one in the middle of the blade long ways looks to be where the blade set in the scales. The other small marks, are just that, small marks that wouldn't worry me much.
    I'd polish it with a cloth and metal polish and see what it looks like.
  12. I wouldn't worry about it if it were a $75 razor. Since you paid $200+, I'm glad you're contacting the vendor :)

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