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  1. Hello Gentleman:

    So I realized this morning as I was using my Gillette Fusion that it's not the 5 blades (or ridiculously high price) that I like but the fact that the Fusion (and Quattro) cover a lot of area at once. I have a "large" face combined with a very coarse, dark beard I guess so it cuts down my shaving time. I think this is why I went back to the Fusion from a DE.

    So my question is-what would be, if any the best option for getting a lot of coverage in a shave like I get from the Fusion but with a DE or injector?

    Thanks for your help/B]

    Also-curious to know if anyone uses Noxema as a pre-shave prep?
  2. Isn't the width of a DE blade and mach whatever about the same?
  3. Yes the width is the same but I guess because of the multi blades you get much more coverage area in height of the cartridge.
  4. It sounds like it is the 5 blades you like then.

    Nothing wrong with that, do what makes you happy and dont fret over shaving.
  5. I don't think what you are asking is physically possible. The width of a single blade is always going to be less than the width of 3/5 blades contained in a cartridge.

    Multipasses with a single blade are pretty much the norm, whereas a multiblade cartridge is designed to only require one pass for a passable shave.

    If speed of shaving is your primary concern, I don't think a Single Blade is the right option for you.
  6. I used to get a pretty close, very irritating shave in 2 passes with a cart. Now it takes me 4 passes for a CCS/DFS add buffing to get BBS. Takes quite a bit longer, but it's not irritating. Even with a terrible blade, bad angle, too much pressure and tons of weepers it's still nowhere near the cart days.

    Like others have said, the width is pretty much the same, depth is irrelevant. You'll just need to do more passes. Remember these are beard REDUCTION passes... it's not meant to be beard REMOVAL passes.

    But if the carts float your boat that's fine. At least take advantage of nice soaps/creams/AS and whatnot.
  7. You need a Cobra fm classicshavig
  8. use a straight. 3" blade covers much more area at once!:w00t:
  9. Yes, Noxema is an awesome face prep before shaving. You might even find it works great on your face between each lather application.
  10. IMO the two best razors for what you want would be Merkurs Vision and as mentioned above CS Cobra Injector. Both of these razors cover a lot of ground.
  11. Gem single edge "feels" wider, don't have them with me though so can not verify.
  12. It has always been my understanding that all of those cartridge blades are not doing the same job. Aren't some of them there just to pull the whisker out of the skin for the following blade to cut it? That process has been a real problem for me. It was explained to me that this process is what was giving me razor bumps.

    If that is not a problem for you, use whatever works for you.

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