A screw-top wooden bowl?

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  1. I like wooden bowls, but I'd love it if some of the bowls out there had screw top lids. Has anyone seen a wooden container with a screw on lid? I don't think I've ever seen a bowl with threads before. A google search for "wooden container" and "screw on wooden bowl" gave me nothing useful. :glare:
  2. I think there would be a big problem with warping. As you've probably noticed, it's common to experience some warping of the lids after use (/exposure to water). Mild warping isn't really a problem for lids that sit on top, but just a few degrees could be a big problem if the lid screwed on. I could see the threading not lining up, and the bowl no longer being closable. (That's a word, right?)
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    If you want a tight fitting lid on a wooden bowl, I think a custom woodworker might be able to design you something along the lines of a rubber 0-ring set into the bottom half, with a matching notch on the lid. That would be about as tight as you could get it, I think.

    On the other hand, most soap bowls are designed to allow a little air circulation so the soap doesn't get mushy. This is true whether the bowl is made of wood, ceramic, glass, or plastic.

    About the only soap bowl I've ever seen with a snug fitting lid is L'Occitane Cade, which is made of metal (Tin? Aluminum? Pewter?). I've never owned one, but I have seen it in stores, and the cover looks like it would stay on if you turned it upside down.

    Gotta ask, though ... why do you want the screw on lid? What purpose would it serve that the looser fitting lids do not?
  4. Aw, damn...

    Is wood really that hard to work with?

  5. Well, it's definitely not hard to work with -- there are plenty of tight-fitting wood bowls and boxes out there. But this is going to be exposed to moisture, so I don't see them holding up well. There are a couple ways around it, I guess. The best would be to use laminated wood, but that's difficult to do, and probably wouldn't give you the look you want. The other would be to use thicker wood, but that's not really ideal, either.

    As dpm802 mentioned, L'Occitane bowls do look tight. I've never looked at one up close, but I think they're aluminum.
  6. The L'Occitane bowl doesn't screw in. Lid will fall off.

    Just get the aluminum tin from BullGoose or WCS. Same as Pre de Provence's tin, apparently, which screws on very well.

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