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  1. At least you didn't say it tasted like a trappist ale.

    P.S. Note nationality of my avatar.
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  2. From wikipedia:


    Main article: Dubbel
    The 'Dubbel' is a Trappist breweries naming convention.[SUP][9][/SUP] The origin of the dubbel was a beer brewed in the Trappist Abbey of Westmalle in 1856. 'Westmalle Dubbel' was imitated by other breweries, Trappist and commercial, Belgian and worldwide, leading to the emergence of a style. 'Dubbels' are now understood to be a fairly strong (6%-8% ABV) brown ale, with understated bitterness, fairly heavy body, and a pronounced fruitiness and cereal character. Examples are: Westmalle Dubbel, Chimay Red/Premiere, Koningshoeven/La Trappe Dubbel and Achel 8 Bruin, Rochefort 8.
  3. When I was in Germany from 83 - 86, I had some "Abbey" beer, and man was it strong. Actually, as I write this, I realize the Heavy Seas Dubbel Cannon is pretty strong as well!
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    Well darn. It is not distributed in cattle country so I cannot try it.

    Cheers, Todd
  5. Well - I bet you have some killer micro-brews out there we don't have. Not to mention the good steak you can have with your beer!!
  6. I don't care how they categorize it--it's great stuff. And don't miss their Black Cannon (January to March), Loose Cannon (year round) (or anything else they put out). A lovely company with lovely products!
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  7. Well, it would be great to taste and compare it, but the mechanics may be the same, but in my 12 years in Belgium I think they, the Belgium beers, be they trappist or not, are unmatched. From the "lady" beers to the strongest ones. Enjoyable indeed!
  8. I have had both the other two Heavy Seas "cannons". I'll have to say I like the Dubbel Cannon way best; not even close. The Belgium beers/ales/IPAs, what ever the experts call them, taste great to me.

    Speaking of Belgium, Heavy Seas also has a Saison ale that is REALLY good as well. And I love the name; "Red Sky at Night", which of course is from the old saying; "Red Sky in morning, sailor's warning. Red sky at night, sailor's delight". And the Heavy Seas Saison Ale is a delight. You know, I think the season for Saison ale is fast approaching ...
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  9. Well, if you say it tastes like a Belgian, you are 100% right. Any beer fermented with Belgian ale yeast will taste...like a Belgian ale. Belgian yeast strains produce all kids of esters, phenols and higher alcohols (banana, clove, apple, spice, pepper, etc). There are no requirements for a beer to be a "Belgian" other than it looking, tasting, smelling and being made with the correct ingredients.

    The reason the Belginan IPAs are considered "belgian style" IPAs are that all Belgian beers (be it Saison, dubbel, tripel, wibier) are brewed with Noble Hops (Hallerauer, saaz, spalt, tettenang) or English hops (East Kent Goldings, Fuggles). These hops have a more muted and musty flavor and aroma than the hit you in the face citrus that most American hops carry. I think some of the guidelines have recently included Belgian IPA in the Belgian Specialty Ale category.
  10. Another Saturday night, and and another couple of Dubbel Cannon beers!! :thumbup1:
  11. I've always loved Piraat, a solid Belgian IPA. I've also recently picked up a few bottles of Charlevoix's Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus which has to be my favourite rendition of the style thus far. Bursting with citrusy hops, but at the same time is well-balanced/complex and is dangerously easy drinking for a 10% ABV beer. Would highly recommend it if you can find it.
  12. Again; another Saturday night, and and another couple of Dubbel Cannon beers!! :thumbup1:
  13. Yet again; another Saturday night, and and another couple of Dubbel Cannon beers!! :biggrin1:
  14. 2 More Dubbel Cannons!!

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