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  1. I've been a member of B&B for less than two months and in that time I've quickly grown to appreciate what this community represents. Growing up in a big city and dealing with the circumstances of my life have made me a pretty cynical person. Yet what I witness here in this forum teaches me that people can be decent to each other, share with each other, offer genuine advise and support for each other, as well as serving as an example of the way gentlemen should behave toward one another in their everyday lives. There are exceptions to every rule and I realize not everyone falls into this category. But it is what I've witnessed from the majority of active members on this site. With all that said, let me get on to the principle reason for making this post.

    Here is what my friend Prof. Moriarty sent to me as a way of "paying it forward"

    Wow right? If the thought of receiving this doesn't put a smile on your face, you don't belong here on B&B. Lol.

    Here are my first impressions with the disclaimer that I'm known for having a poor sence of smell and am by no means a scent expert.

    D. R. Harris: Arlington - It has a very clean, "English" scent to it. It smells like fern and musk with what seems to be a citrusy, lemon note as well. I have this as a hard soap and have been enjoying the scent (and the fact that it has tallow). But for whatever reason, the scent of the soap is much more subdued than the cream. I have to say that most likely I'll be purchasing this product again in the future as a shaving cream. If I could smell like this one all day, I would be happy. I like this one a lot! I highly recommend.

    Tabula Rasa: Vetiver/Tangerine - Personally the scent is complex to me and very unique. It's sort of hard to describe. But I can definitely notice the tangerine aspect to it. I couldn't tell you I know what vetiver smells like by itself but I'm sure it's in there. It's pleasant but I get the feeling it's a love it or hate it kind of thing. My daughter said she didn't like it at all. It was her least favorite. I like it and look forward to trying it.

    Acqua di Parma - This one has a very nice, rich, luxurious smell. I detect what I think is some menthol and possibly some eucalyptus but overall it reminds me of a high-end Italian cologne. I think I'm going to like this one a lot and if I can afford it. I may add this one to my arsenal.

    Santa Maria Novella - I think one owns the crown as far as "clean and fresh" scents goes. It smells kind of floral but not like girly flowers. More like bright, clean smelling, earthy flowers. My girlfriend thought it was just okay, saying it reminded her of Ivory soap. Personally I like the scent a lot and think it would be great for morning shaves when you want anything to aid in helping waking yourself up.

    RazoRock: No. 888 - Initially I'm not a big fan of this scent. But from what I gather a lot of people like this brand's products and for that reason alone I'm looking forward to finding out how this cream shaves. It smells like eucalyptus and tea tree to me and well... that's all I really have to say about it. I am optimistic and open-minded so we will see if my opinion changes after I've lathered with it.

    Tcheon Fung Sing: Tobacco Verde - Here's where my love for TFS starts. This cream smells just like its name (green tobacco). It sort of has a slight creamy scent to it. It also gives me the impression of a high-end cologne. If I can find where to buy this stuff, I will add it too my rotation. It's definitely recommended. Someone please tell me which RR this is labeled as? I'm assuming there is one.

    Tcheon Fung Sing: Bergamotto Neroli - This cream smells fantastic! Definitely my favorite based on scent alone. I can't begin to accurately describe what scents are in it, but I can tell you it smells sweet and exotic. I want to f'n eat this! Better yet I want a drink that tastes the way this smells. If you couldn't already tell, I'll definitely be adding this cream to my rotation assuming I can find it for sale. I highly recommend you give this one a try!

    Tcheon Fung Sing: Barbe Rosse - Wow! What an amazing sweet orange and something else, I don't know, I think jasmine scent. I would also describe this one as exotic. And again I would love to eat or drink something that was flavored the way this smells. This cream was where my love for TFS grew and then fully blossomed with Bergamotto Neroli. I can't wait to try this one and would recommend it on scent alone.

    Penhaligon's: Blenheim Bouquet - A strong lemon and menthol scent jump out at me when smelling this cream. It does smell very unique (at least to me) and refreshing. I like the scent and get the feeling it will grow on me more as I use it. Again this one reminds me of something fresh and clean. Don't hesitate to try this cream if your interest is peaked. If it does grow on me I will most likely procure some more when my sample runs out.

    Palmolive:Classic (European) - To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this product. Boy was I a fool. This shave stick smells absolutely amazing! I don't really know how to describe this one other than to say it has a very nice fragrance that's very clean and pleasant. My girlfriend really likes this one! I wish this came in a cologne as I'd love to smell like this shave stick does, all day! I will definitely be keeping this one in my permanent rotation. Highly recommended!

    I'll try and post my opinion of these products after using them but my busy schedule and poor short term memory may get in the way. Either way I want to say thank you to Prof. Moriarty for his generosity and kindness. The character and behavior he demonstrates reminds me why I love B&B so much.

  2. sweet haul , the RR version of the tabacco verde is of the same name and comes with a balm also in the scent , Happy shaving
  3. eth


    TFS Tabacco Verde = RR Zi'Peppino
    TFS Bergamotto Neroli = RR Don Marco

    TFS Barbe Rosse is not sold under the RazoRock brand as far as I know. You can buy small tubs or kg bricks from Barbiere di Figaro.

    You have a lot of nice shaves there, I love TFS too. D.R. Harris makes an Arlington cologne if you're looking for more Arlington. Among colognes it isn't a lasting cologne, but it lasts much longer than the soap or cream.

    And about scent in cream vs. soap, I think creams generally have (or can have, at least) more scent than a hard soap. This is because a soap has lower limits on how much scent oils it can hold without ruining the soap.
  4. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    Kieran, glad to see the soaps and creams are all to your liking. The Tabaco Verde, Bergamotto Neroli, and SMN are my favourite soaps/creams.
  5. Excellent review of a great PIF. Thanks for sharing.
  6. +1- Till's the man
  7. Sweet sample!
  8. Great thread. Very informative; thank you for posting.
  9. Thanks a lot for taking the time to post your reviews, I'll consider them as I widen out with my collection. I also agree that the community is fantastic and you've added to it by showing great appreciation by sharing what you've learned! :thumbup:
  10. LA is a weird city...feels more impersonal than this anonymous online forum...
  11. Boy, you can say that again!

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