24 K Gold Scales for straight razors

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  1. I made 5 sets of these the other day,2 are already on members razors,but someone asked me to post some pictures so here they are.The swirl is mixed 24K gold powder,very finely milled(like talcum powder) I add it to the base casting,and swirle it.This is very little amount of gold,maybe a few cents only.These are not finished,but will fit any size razor up to 9/8.They will look better when they are fit,and finish polished,they are also much prettier in person.The materials are also impervious to most solvents and disenfectants so you can soak your razors in Clippercide overnight to disenfect,and prevent rust,and it will not damage the scales like it will bone,or wood .Best Regards GAry
  2. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and request a PM with pricing and what I need to do to get a set of those... Stunning!
  3. Oh man those are nice!!!! Great work Gary, are they for sale?
  4. They have already been spoken for,but I will make some more on Saturday.I dont think I should give a price here,but they dont cost much(less than a week at Starbucks,fit to your razor)Best Regards Gary
  5. Regards GAry
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  6. This is some serious ingenuity. Remarkable work, Gary! :w00t:
  7. Definitely some beautiful scales there.
  8. Wow, very nice!
  9. That's really cool. Every thought of doing different color/metal combinations as well?
  10. :w00t: Beautiful!!
  11. I'll buy a razor just to have a pair of those scales put on!
  12. The price for installing a set on your razor is on my web site,in the miscellaneous
  13. Those are indeed really nice!!! I enjoy to see the members works, there's a lot of talent gathered here in B&B.
  14. That mix is a winner. Any other metallic combos on the way?
  15. Here is the pricing,and instructions InfoHere http://travelersrazors.com/forum/index.php?topic=144.0
    /url]Some guys have asked for additional materials,I have tried copper,and it is milled fine enough and looks real nice,a redder cast to it than gold.I am trying powdered silver,but cant get the right size,it leaches out of suspension too soon,Ill just have to experement,and get the cure rate right ,probably this week end.Regards GAry
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