1930s Gillette OPEN COMB NEW STYLE Gold Safety Razor

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by wimbouman, May 5, 2010.

  1. Gents,

    I just picked up this razor from the Bay.
    I am curious to learn exactly and for sure what I got, so please help me with identifying or corrections when possible.

    It has been described as '1930s Gillette OPEN COMB NEW STYLE Gold Safety Razor'.

    From Achim's site I learned that this is probably correct?

    Any clues or suggestions if is this indeed a 30's New?


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  2. Yep bingo 1930's bar handled new a GREAT razor and a Monday morning fav of mine. Congrats. :thumbup1:
  3. Okay! Nice.
    Thanks for a lightning fast reply.


    Nice to learn that this is a bar handle.
    Didn't know that.

  4. Your very welcome Wim I also believe there are 2 lengths of comb available long and short version. I have the short version. :thumbup1:

  5. That is nice to know!
    Is my razor a short or a long version?

  6. Ha now here is where I bow to others, I think we have the short version. :001_smile
  7. That's the long tooth version.
  8. Thanks!

  9. Do you let your beard go on the weekends?
  10. Which is more common the Bar Handled NEW or the Ball End NEW?
    Is the Ball End the earlier model of the two?
  11. One of the finest shavers Gillette ever devised,fill the handle full of lead shot,run that badboy up to 80gms and they become a joy to use.
  12. I found one of these in my late father's shaving gear a few years ago, along with a '69 Gillette Black Beauty adjustable. Long story short: last weekend, while looking for replacement cartridges for my Mach3, I decided I no longer wanted any part of their overpriced product and decided to look into classic shaving.

    At this point, I've shaved with the Beauty three times; each shave has been better than the previous, thankfully. I haven't shaved with this '30s New, yet. I soaked it in some Oxy Clean and hot water for half an hour today and got it looking nice. I plan to give it a go in the next couple days when I get some stubble worthy of the honor. I figured I needed to start my DE shaving experience with the adjustable before going after this bad boy. Looking forward to the experience. Sadly, I bought a ten pack of Rite Aide blades to see if DE shaving was for me, so I think things are just going to get better as I settle on a good blade and try some different soaps.
  13. I use this razor very frequently; after the purchase it has become a staple in my den.
    I as always use it with a Feather blade and find it to be a not too aggressive, effective razor.

    And I think it looks stunning!
  14. I guess I need to give my New a second chance. I tried it a few years ago and passed on it in favor of my single ring old type which is still one of my favorites.
  15. Had my long tooth NEW head nickel plated and mated to a Bull Mastiff handle by Cooncat Bob. Usually load it with a Crystal. Love that razor.
  16. The NEW is one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy!
  17. Works better than a lot of "New Razors" made today!!!!
  18. my mentors razor since he enlisted in the early 40's,still shaves with it today,i found a gold and if i want bbs fast it's what i pick up.:thumbup1:
  19. Hex


    I keep this picture handy.
  20. IMHO one of the best Gillette OC ever made. Both versions short and long comb. Nice score.

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