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  1. The tax man has been nice to me this year, and I have some change I'd like to set aside for soap, soap, and more soap. Here's the deal, I'm looking to stick as close to $100 as possible, that includes shipping charges, so sticking to one or two vendors would be a huge plus. One thing I "need" is to stock up on Arko sticks. I love the scent, and dollar for dollar, there is no better soap made. Next on the list would be a replacement MWF puck. I would like the fancy bowl, but I found an 80's style blue Old Spice mug recently, and if I remember the size of my first puck, a refill should fit perfectly. A refill of Tabac would be nice, but I have a couple already, so it's not a deal breaker. Other than that, I'm up for any suggestions. How would you guys most efficiently waste, I mean, invest 100 bones?

  2. I'd dip a toe in the vintage stream, m'self.... Yardley. Wrisley. OLD Williams. OLD Colgate.

    But that's just me.
  3. 10 pucks of CADE....unless you have state tax...then 9.
  4. So many choices...

    You could go for some DR Harris, or AOS. Those are both fantastic tallow based soaps. If it were me I would get a puck of AOS sandalwood. Have fun!
  5. Yardley is getting it's own fund, on the off chance I track some down :001_smile I've had some vintage Williams for quite a while, and I honestly don't see much difference, the new stuff works just as well for me:001_tt2: I have a pretty large selection of antique stores to visit, so I'm always on the lookout for vintage soaps. I've been lucky in the Old Spice world, 4 pucks and I don't think I've spent more than 30 dollars, 3 came in mugs:w00t:
  6. really? that surprises me - I find the older stuff (no bar code, no list of ingredients on the box) to be markedly different from new....

    glad to hear you're not neglecting your Yardley obligation!
  7. Jim

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    Congratulations on getting your own money back from your goverment!:sad:

    Product like Arko are always easy to get, why not try some luxury shaving soaps, T&H, AOS, Trumpers, Ect.....?
  8. So, do you like CADE?:lol:

    AOS is near the top of the list, I haven't had a chance to try any of them yet. I had a go with the Arlington stick and I'm pretty impressed with the quality of Harris. The scent was a bit of a put off, but I think Marlborough sounds more like my style.
  9. Just lucky I guess. A water softener likely helps as well.
  10. If I had that much money to waste on soaps, I'd buy expensive soaps. If you buy cheap soaps, you'll never use it up; you'll have soaps you can't even keep in the rotation.

    Here's what I would buy: Czech and Speake Oxford and Cambridge.:001_tt2:

    Then, to be honest, the next thing I would buy would be a CREAM: Penhaligon's in whatever scent you like best. I would choose Endymion.
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    why not load up a shopping cart?

    Valobra shave stick
    Palmolive stick
    Omega Shave soap

    with what you'd like to pick up already you will have some coin left over for some over the seas products.

    look into:
    Klar Cedern & Leder
    Hans Baier Olivenol
    Calani soaps (german artisan)
    Arran Aromatics
  12. Wow, that one totally missed my plan! I have the #88, and love the way it performs. Might have to do some serious thinking about the O&C.
  13. Yeah I like CADE:001_smile
  14. SiBurning

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    I'd go for C&S O&C in the bowl and a stick or two of Arko, depending on the shipping. Think of it as your Obamanomics bailout pork.
  15. Speick
  16. At the very least be sure to include AOS sandalwood, maybe some Harris and play with the rest. (Cella isn't high price but its high quality).

  17. #1 on that! Trumper's Coconut to be exact.
  18. Just a heads up on yardley. A shave kit with a sealed bowl of it and a full talc and almost empty a/s bottle just went for ~$90 on ebay.

    There is a virtually identical kit with BIN/BO listed for $130, same kit, A/S almost empty again the difference is the soap is not sealed (and talc isn't full). Given that you may be able to convince the seller to let it go for $75 or so? Maybe. I haven't tried. If I thought I could get it for $50 I might. Good luck to anyone who does.
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  19. From Bullgoose, you can get:

    Valobra (stick)

    I highly recommend Valobra shave sticks and Cella. After MWF, they are my second and third favorite soaps, respectively.
  20. Get a puck of each:

    AOS Lavender

    Floris No. 89

    Pens EF

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