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    what are your 3 favorite vintage razors?

    Thread Starter: Steelman

    OK I'm a newbie and I'm considering a vintage razor because so many here on the boards appreciate them. Thought I might give them a try. But the world of vintage razors is DAUNTING...from my perspective. Looking for some guidance to help narrow my focus. Much appreciated. My 2 modern razors...

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    Ballpoint love

    Thread Starter: kidsam

    Hi everyone, i've read around a little, it seems there isnt a whole lot of love for ballpoints in here, i just thought i'd share my little i guess hobby So for a few years now, i've had a small obsession with disposable/cheap ballpoints, and i've bought more than i could possibly use, and i...

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    SOTD "British Brushes" Theme Week 21-27 July 2014

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Gentlemen, I'm back from vacation and ready for a week featuring your favorite British brushes. I decided to go with the brush that performs far better than expected for its small size, the Wee Scot. Wee Scot Arko Rocket HD/ Super Iridium

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    Left Handed PIF

    Thread Starter: coyotewhisper

    I take great pride in being left handed and the uniqueness of being left handed. In August on the 13th is, International Left Handers Day. In honor of that I'm doing a PIF. Because I want encourage left handers that they can use a fountain pen to write with. Rules, this is for left handers, I...

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    August West

    Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

    Thread Starter: August West

    I was really interested in The Clubhouse thread "What was your workout today?" but much to my chagrin I didn't feel comfortable posting my "old fogie" workouts with all those "serious" workouts. So, What was your Old Fogie workout today? I will start: 3 mile walk/20 push ups/50 sit ups. ...

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    Needs some knowledge.

    Thread Starter: mikesal57

    Why would this Feather AS-D2 cost $275 ? What would differ from say a Meckur 34C? Thxs sorry about the noob questions

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    How long does your daily shave take?

    Thread Starter: Guru17

    Mine used to be over in 15 minutes earlier - whether DE or carts. However, now that I have learned how to prep, how to lather, and how to do a proper multi-pass shave, it takes half an hour. Doesn't matter whether it's a 3 pass or two pass, a BBS or DFS - it takes about 30 minutes, give or take...

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    getting a vasectomy

    Thread Starter: rammerjammer24

    Got the ultimatum from the wife. We have 2 kids. I went for a consult yesterday. Anyways how bad is it? I've never had any surgeries before so its nerve racking. Some people said it's awful some say its a breeze.

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    Honing 101

    Thread Starter: noahpictures

    Please share your basic honing tips here to take the mystery out of the process for members that are learning to hone. I'll go first. I found the following two photos by B&B member Seraphim (Craig) educational. The two photos demonstrate how pressure affects the same piece of chalk when...

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    NOS - To Use or Not to Use?

    Thread Starter: seahunter

    Hello, Just curious about other shavers. I am one who is known to buy things and keep them new and not use them. I just found a NOS birth-year razor that should be arriving in a few days. Part of me says to keep it NOS so it keeps its value, part of me says you only live once, use the thing! ...

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