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    Jayber Crow

    Slurry undercutting or lack thereof

    Thread Starter: Jayber Crow

    I was attempting to hone a J R Torrey blade today on a coticule. I set the bevel with a 1k hone; it passed the toamto and TNT. I raised a slurry on the coticule and proceeded with 20 x strokes followed by dilution with finger dipped in water. At first blade was undercutting the slurry, but after...

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    Simpsons Chubby

    Thread Starter: stevecat

    what is your favorite simpson's chubby brush and why?

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    Mitchell's Wool Fat

    Thread Starter: rockero

    All I can say is I love this soap. It is one of my favorite soaps and I was scared to try it but when I did OMG amazing.

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    Tobacquisitions for August 2014

    Thread Starter: Senshi

    As we all await THE tobacquisition, we still may get BL items here and there.... Yesterday, I retuned home after a long day of work to see my mailbox overflowing with a package from America. Little did I know that our resident Cigar Czar, Boris The Benevolent, had bombed me. And I don't...

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    Whipped Dog Praise

    Thread Starter: BlueLineWarrior

    I treated myself to a 22x48 silver tip badger from Whipped Dog. First, I e-mailed Larry A. and got a response back the next day. He recommended the 48 for face lathering. About 5 days later I had the little gem in my hands. I soaked the brush the way I do my Omega Boar 49. There will be a bit...

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    Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger

    Thread Starter: Loric

    I got my new Morris & Forndran Blond Badger brush in the mail today, and its very very nice. I just used it for the fist time and wanted to post my impressions while they were still fresh in my mind. The brush has obviously not broken in yet, but it has amazing backbone and ultra soft...

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    Realized I've been using the wrong angle!

    Thread Starter: flyinion

    For about the last couple weeks since I started I realized I've been pretty much using the wrong angle with my DE89 :blushing:. I was holding it at about 45 degrees between perpendicular and parallel to my face because that seemed to me to be the line between the curve on the head plate and the...

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    How long does your BBS shave last?

    Thread Starter: Guru17

    A true BBS shave means you can't feel the stubble whichever way you rub your palm (better - back of palm) on your beard. So, how much time before you start feeling traces of stubble after you've finished a BBS shave? I normally finish my shave at 8 AM and if I get a BBS, it's probably at...

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    Seller's Remorse

    Thread Starter: lamontqsanford

    I haven't posted in a long while but I still log in and read a good deal of the posts. While I have found what works best for me I still have that itch to try new products (and some I have written off). Today, I logged in and went back through several of my old threads and wanted to see what I...

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    I guess it was only natural.

    Thread Starter: bananhunden

    ...that I expanded into this part of the realm. I've always wanted a FP so when I saw this cool looking thing on the BST, I had to snatch it up. It's nothing special but I loved how it looked. Here it is, assembled from a kit: A Navigator in rosewood and black titanium from Woodcraft

    Last Post By: bananhunden Today, 01:43 AM Go to last post
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